Aadiperukku Is a Festival of Worshipping the Nature

Aadiperukku Festival

Pathinettam Perukku:
Festivals are celebrated by all people around the world since it brings happiness to the family as all the relatives join together on this festival day. Many south Indian festivals are usually celebrated in a grand manner. Among those festivals Aadiperuku is widely celebrated by the people of Tamil Nadu. This festival is also called as Pathinettam Perukku and is celebrated on the 18th day of Aadi which is one of the Tamil months. This Aadi tamil Month comes in between the months of July and August. The term Pathinettam Perukku is derived from the words “Pathinettu Aadi Perukuthal”. This Aadiperukku festival is mostly celebrated near rivers such as Yamuna, Cauvery, Ganges and Gothavari. Water rituals are performed by the Women.

Thanks Giving Festival of Pachai Amman:
The goddess Pachai Amman which is the manifestation of holy design establishes harmony and peace throughout the world. Pachai Amman which is also known as Kanni Amman existed in most of the local spots which made the local areas as the holy centers. The manifestation in Thirumullaivaayal of the goddess Pachai Amman has established prosperity and peace throughout the world. The statue of god Ayyanar which is very tall adds beauty to the temple of Pachai Amman in Thirumullaivaayal. A tank which is near the Pachai Amman temple is believed to have the medicinal properties. Devotees gather together in this temple on the Tuesdays, Sundays and Fridays of Aadi month to offer prayers to goddess and also to get the blessing of the goddess. 

Highlights of Aadiperukku Festival:

Highlight of Aadiperukku festival is providing Chitrannam to the people. The chitrannam is the cooking of rice in various flavors, ingredients and colors such as curd rice, coconut rice, lime rice, sweet Jaggery rice, sesame rice and pulikachal. The pooja is performed with nuts, betel leaves, banana and coconut and finally concluded with Deeparadhana. The young girls who offer ear rings which is made with palm leaf (katholai), black beads known as karugamani and kapparisi which is a sweet prepared with rice that is crushed with hands and jiggery will be blesses with the best husbands.

The Aadiperukku festival is a unique festival which is celebrated in the form of worship of Nature. The purpose of celebration is to pay tribute and respect to water which is a life sustaining energy. People float agal vilakku (lamp made with mud) on the water along with the belief that all their dreams get fulfilled. People wake up in the early morning and draw colorful Rangolis with rice flour in their house to welcome Goddess and prosperity.



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