Akshaya Tritiya Festival For Marking The Never Diminishing Good Fortune

Akshaya Tritiya Festival

The celebrations of the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya are common among the Hindus and these the Jains also consider this day as one of the holy day. This day falls on the third tithi of the bright half of the lunar period of the month of Vaishakha. The day is also the birthday of Lord Parasurama who is the sixth incarnation of Vishnu. This day is also important for Veda Vyas started to write the epic called Mahabharata. Meaning of Akshaya is known to be never ending or infinite as per the Hindu words. The valuables bought or the beginning of anything that happens on this day is taken to bring success and good luck.

Holy day with blessings
The day is called Akshaya tritiya and so if you donate something on this day it is considered to be shaya or ever present blessings. The Sun and the Moon are in their brightest and this happens in this time of the year. The day is also celebrated as Akha Teej and people make pujas or offer holy flowers and prayers to the Lord Vishnu. They bathe in the holy rivers and give away things in charity to get the blessings that will be never ending. They offer sacred barley in the fire and make offerings and prayers to Lord Ganesha and Deity of Lakshmi.

Fortune that is never diminishing

The imperishable blessings are gathered in different ways in this day of Akshaya Tithi and initiations are made for that end and different valuables are bought that are thought to bring good fortune for the owners of these valuables. Buying of gold is a common thing among the Hindus as the ultimate goddess of wealth is considered to be welcome with such gold and other wealth in your house. Gold jewelry is worn to symbolize the never ending or diminishing good fortune in the blessings of the deity of wealth, Lakshmi.

Legend of two friends

The new beginning in business or wedding celebrations or a long pending journey to any auspicious place is started on this day. This is considered to be most successful way to ensure a good fortune in whatever you start on this day. There are some stories that add to the glory to this day. The legend of Lord Krishna and his poor friend Sudama is the most interesting. The tale says that Sudama came to the palace of Lord Krishna who was the King of Mathura. The old school friend wanted some financial help and as gift he brought some beaten rice or ‘Poha’ for his rich friend. Sudama was ashamed to give the gift to Krishna but Krishna took the pouch and ate it all up.
Then Krishna treated him like his equal.

When Sudama went home he saw his old hut changed to a palace and his family rich and flourishing. Krishna gave him all that he had himself for his friend was unable to ask for the favor and was suffering. This is the reason this day is associated with material gains and acquiring of wealth. The people visit maha Lakshmi temple and seek her blessings, buy gold and give alms to the poor and needy. The day is for eternal prosperity for any welcome beginning for the family or for the business. This mahurat or the auspicious timing of this day is believed to be fruitful for those who will celebrate this day with pious mind and body.



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