Anant Chaturdashi Festival

Anant Chaturdashi FestivalIntroduction
Anant Chaturthi (or Anant Chaturdashi) is the last day of the “Ganesh festival” famous in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is the 10th day after Ganesh Chaturthi which drops on the Fourteenth day of the shiny Bhadrapada (the 6th 30 days of the Hindu calendar). The day follows the engagement of the idols of the dearest Lord but to be accepted the next season with equivalent enthusiasm. Some individuals notice a vow in honour of the Lord Vishnu, which if kept for 14 decades is expected to carry prosperity.

The tale of 'Anant'

Hindu Myth informs that, there was a Brahmin known as Sumant. From his spouse Diksha he had a little girl known as Sushila. After the loss of life of Diksha, Sumant wedded Karkash who was not looking after to Sushila. She gave too much of problems to her. Sushila wedded to Kaundinya and made the decision to set off in order to prevent the hassle of her phased mother. On the way, Kaundinya went to a stream to take a shower and Sushila signed up with a group of ladies who were worshipping “Anant”. Sushila was very inquisitive to know the purpose of worshipping. The ladies described her, the objectives of this vow was to acquire divinity and prosperity, and are kept for the period of 14 long years.

Sushila made her decision to take the “Anant Vow” and gradually they became very wealthy. One day Kaundinya, observed a sequence (Anant string) on Sushila's left-hand. This sequence is usually linked on the left-hand by ladies to notice the vow. When Kaundinya observed the tale of the Anant vow, he was unhappy and said that they had become wealthy, not for Anant but for his information and initiatives. He then took the Anant String from Sushila’s side and used it into the flame.

Soon after this occurrence, they were decreased to excessive hardship. Kaundinya noticed that the impact of the Anant and hence he took up the decision to go through an extensive penance until the overall look of the God himself. He went into the woodlands. There, he saw a shrub complete of mangoes but was protected by viruses. He requested the shrub if he had seen Anant but he got a bad response. Then he requested ponds, cow, donkeys, hippos but nobody could react about this in front of him favourably. At last he was ready with a string to dangle him. But instantly Anant showed up by means of an old Brahmin and recommended Kaundinya that if he created the 14 years of the vow, he would get returning all his prosperity and pleasure. Lord Anant also described the occurrences that had happened during the course of his way in order to fulfil him with peace of mind.

The closing ceremony of the festival

On the day of Anant Chaturdashi, the idols of Lord Ganesha set up at the house and various “Mandapas” (display place) are taken to a lake, lake, stream or a sea in excellent precision with the slogan: “Ganpati Bappa Morya, agile bars to jaldi aa” ("father Ganpati, come again next year"). On this day, individuals’ journey to the waterfront side with the idols, big and little idols, dance and performing in a huge procession. The ten day lengthy event comes to an end after the engagement wedding is over.


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