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The name one gives to his child is your child’s first gift and it is something that will remain with him all his life. The naming ceremony or Naamkaran is the ceremony which involves christening of the baby and in India is a meaningful and important ceremony.

Bengalis always perform this ceremony very sincerely. It is a common belief that the name of your child decides his character so the ceremony of Naamkaran becomes very important as it not only gives the child his identity but also decides his character and thus his behaviour in life. Our research team has extensively researched and has tried their best to list out many Bengali names.

Our search tools enable you to list out names from an alphabet chosen by you or the one considered auspicious for the new born depending on his stars at the time of birth. There are Bengali names for baby girls and baby names and all the names have their meanings listed as well. So one can easily choose a name with the required alphabet and also with a beautiful meaning so that the name is pleasant to hear and speak and also has a deep rooted meaning which will be auspicious to the baby and will shower him with good luck and health.

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Bengali Baby Name
Paban wind
Pabok Fire
Padyanava vishnu
Panchali princess
Paromita Capability
Parth Name given by Lord Krishna to Arjun; The person who never misses his target
Pauravi Descendant from Puru
Prachi Morning; East
Prafulla; Prafula Pleasant; Cheerful; In bloom
Prakriti nature
Prakruti Nature
Pran life
Pranab Sound of Om
Pranav Sound of Om
Pranjal honest
Prasun Flower
Pratima Icon; Image; Statue; Idol
Proloy storm
Promita Idol
Pushpa Flower; Blossom
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