Celebrations of Buddha Poornima along with Activities of Charity

Buddha Purnima FestivalLife of Gautama Buddha:
Gautama Buddha was born in 566 B.C. as Siddhartha in Kalpataru which is now presently known as Lumbini. He was born in Kshatria caste. He was a son of a king and was brought up in the palace. When Siddhartha grew, he was caught with the world’s suffering such as disease, old age and death. So he left his riches and became an ascetic. After many years of meditation, he found Nirvana and completely became enlightened. Buddhism is the most ancient philosophical tradition of India. The meaning of the word Buddha is “Awakened One” which means that a person who has woke up from the ignorance sleep and saw the things how they are actually. Buddhism is the teachings of Buddha which come around 84,000. All these constitute the “Buddhism”.

About Buddha Poornima:
Buddha Poornima is the festival celebrated which is celebrated on the full moon night during the month Vaisakha which comes between the months April and May. During the summer season, the pilgrims across the world come to Bodh Gaya as they could not withstand the temperature of the hot sun. The pilgrims come to Bodh Gaya in order to participate in the celebrations of the Buddha Poornima. On the day of celebrations arrangements are made for prayer meets, Gautama Buddha life sermons, religious discourses, group meditation, continuous recitation of Buddhist scriptures and worship of the statue of Buddha. The Mahabodhi Temple will have an attractive festive look which is decorated with wonderful flowers and flags.

Places where Buddha Poornima is celebrated:

There are many countries who celebrate this festival in a grand manner. The people of Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Korea, China, Laos, Vietnam, Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal, Japan and Cambodia celebrate this festival. The festival is celebrated in Bodh Gaya, Lumbini and in Kushinara as these places are connected with Buddha’s birth, Parinivana and enlighten. These places are considered as the holy places. The festival of Vaisakha Poornima is also celebrated in Sarnath in the grand manner.

Celebration of Buddha Poornima:

The prime ceremony for the Buddhist is the Buddha poornima which is known as Vaisaka Purnima in Sri Lanka and in India it is celebrated in the name of Buddha Jayanthi. The festival is celebrated on the full moon night according to Lunar year.  Buddha attained the Supreme Enlighten on this day when he was sitting under the Bodhi tree in the Bodh Gaya. The attaining of the Supreme enlighten is called as Buddha Hood. After 45 years later, Buddha passed away in Parinivana at Kushinagar.

A lot of happiness will be felt by the people celebrating this festival. The villages, streets, roads, houses and temples are brightly illuminated with lanterns, colorful decorations with electric lights. The celebrations of this festival Buddha Poornima has been written in Poems, novels and also explained in paintings as this day is not only meant for rejoicing but also for the reflection on life. On this day, eating meat is avoided and they eat kheer which is shared with the poor. They make arrangements for setting up the stalls to provide clean water for the people. Many activities meant for charity are also performed on this day.


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