Buddha Purnima Teachings

Buddha Purnima TeachingsBuddhism is based upon four noble truths called the Eight Fold Path, it consists of right belief, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right meditation.
Buddhism believes that a person can begin to move in the right direction by adopting five fundamental moral precepts:
not to lie
not to deprive a living thing of life
not to take what is not given to you,
not to engage in illicit sexual conduct,and
not to take intoxicating drinks.

According to Buddhism, this goal is called Nirvana, a state of peace and freedom from the cycle of birth is said to be the goal of life. The Wheel of Law or dharmachakra, is the most important symbol of the religion. This, according to Buddha, is the law that ensures the welfare of the greatest number of people if practiced faithfully. The wheel symbolizes the goodness in every person.

The Tripitika or the three baskets comprises the sacred literature of the Buddhists in the Theravada school. It is divided into three parts, the Vinaypitaka, the Suttapitaka and Abidharmapitaka.

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