Enjoy the Festival of Chandrbhaga and the Cattle Fair

Chadrabhaga FestivalAbout Chandrabhaga Festival:
Many festivals are celebrated by the people of India. Among those festivals Chandrbhaga is one of the most famous festivals that usually fall on the February month that is in the month of “karthik” on a full moon night. Chandrbhaga mela is also known as Magha Saptami. On this day, Sun God is worshipped at Konark in Rajasthan. Though the temple at Konark has been diminished to rubble, many people gather here every year on the day of Magha Sukla Saptami for the worship of Sun God. It is known to be “day of spring festivals” where the people commemorate the birth of God Sun.

Celebration of Chandrabhaga Festival:

As the sun returned to the northern course, the people amass before the rising of the sun to take bath in the Holy Chandrabhaga River and also in the sea which is nearby. When Sun rises from ocean, in Agni Kona, which is the south east corner, the people who gathered there will offer silent prayers to the Sun. Several People describe the rising of the sun as the God Sun is in his chariot which is drawn by 7 fiery horses.
After worshipping the rising of the sun, people walk for about 1 ½ kilometers to reach the temple to worship the Navagragha stone which is kept now in a miniature shed that is outside the compound. During the execution of all the ritual duties, most of the people spend rest of their day in cooking and eating. They also have a lot of fun after having their food. When evening comes, the people who assembled there will disperse to their homes.

Cattle Fairs of Chandrabagha Festival:
People of North India gather on the bank of the Chandrsbhaga River to celebrate the festival. Arrangements are made for the cattle fair which is an advantage for many farming communities. Several people of farming communities assemble here for this festival because of the cattle fair. Because the cattle fair is the best place to sell and but the cattle like cows, camels, buffaloes, bullocks and horses. Huge numbers of cattle are exhibited in the fair and people from the states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra visit this fair. The fair is well known for the trade of cattle where it can be bought at cheap rate.

As the festival of Chandrabhaga is the colorful exhibition of cattle and the worship of god Sun, it attracts many people across India, are attracted towards this Chandrabhaga River. The festival is the combination of both trade and religion. So, many devotees, traders and tourist assemble here during the celebration of the festival. The festival will be a great opportunity for the people coming from other countries to see the fantastic culture of the Indian people. Although the state of Rajasthan has many attractive places for the tourist, along with monuments, temples and fairs, the celebration of this festival really brings many people together so that they can have a splendid joy in their heart which will be a memorable one in their life time.


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