Chapchar Kut Festival Bring Happiness In Everyone Life

Chapchar Kut FestivalAbout Chapchar Kut festival:
Chapchar Kut Festival is also known as the Mizoram festival of happiness. This is one of the profligate fiestas in Mizoram and this regarded as the grand carnivals which are held in state.  This normally took place during the phase when cut trees and bamboos. The origin  of this festivals are between 1450 to 1600 A.D. during the period of jhumming, Mizo ancestors must  use to have all time for free time spending  and they utilized this time for game, hunting, fishing and other type of entertainment. Those activities which took place form of chapchar kut. In ancient period this festivals celebrated for many days and this celebrations are more interesting. People in the village had the role play and this happy festival all argument. Here the difference among the community was established. There are no more difference was allowable in the celebration of festival. The plentiful supply of meat with the home made liquor and this will keep the spirit of celebration soaring and high. In this festival celebration all people will enjoy the day cheerfully. In this festival all people will sang song and enjoy the festival by dancing and joyous all night long. In this way this festival was celebrated in the olden days and during these festival celebrations everyone feel happy.    

Chapchar kut festival:

Cut bamboos and trees will leave for drying in sun before being burnt and it gives the farmers a few days of interval and this free period is famous as chapchar kut. This festival is the period relaxation as farmers do not spend time in these festivals before spread of seeds begins. It also believed that during the ancient times people go for hunting the wild animal and they kill it and catch fishes for feasts. In this period people also indulge in eating sessions. This festival is the time to resolve all the argument and this is the best chances for the people to enjoy the festival gladly.  In modern style of celebrating Chapchar Kut are followed by this generation people. This festival signifies the merriment which is recognized by golden harvest in fields. The bejeweled women and men gather in the mass to celebrate the gala event. Here they sang and dance to their favorable songs. In festivals they also feel pleasant nostalgic. This is the most surprising festivals that mizos express them to this world.  This is one of the most joyful festivals which celebrate the arrival of spring and this is the six day festival and it also considered as the important one and it is the oldest festival of state.

Celebration of Chapchar kut:

These festivals celebrated most of the people and these festivals are call for the revelry and fun. This celebrated the success of the jhum cutting. The very first of the festival is called as the Lusei vawktalh and during this festival pigs are killed and the members of chief clan for feast. The second day of these festivals is Ralte vawktalh where member of other clan in village will kill the pig for village feast. Third day is known as the kut day where young boy and girl dress up grandly and celebrate the festival happily. Your plan this festival in a great manner and enjoy this year festival cheerfully.

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