Enjoy Children’s day celebration happily

Children's Day FestivalAbout Children Day Festival:
Children's Day Festival is a grand festival which is celebrated by all religions. These festivals are celebrated in all parts of India and these festivals are fully meant for the children. This festival is celebrated by the childhood. This honor is paid to all children in the world and children are loved by everyone. They win all hearts with their innocent smiles and angelic eyes. This day was celebrated on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was born on November 14. He is the first prime ministers of India and after his death it his birthday was celebrated as children’s day. It is the day to remember the leader who loves the children very much. On this special occasion all children will become happy and to celebrate this day children are offered with sweets and chocolates. Nehru was immensely fond of children and the most famous and popular image of Nehru shows him with children.  

This festival was celebrated all over India and that too especially at school level. During this festival community activities are also conducted and all Children participate in these functions and they perform well and win prizes. Many children will act as the national leader and they act the life story of those leaders and enjoy the whole day happily. In these festivals the children in entire country are treating with goodies. On this day they wear color dress and enjoy the day happily with their friends.

Children Day Celebration:

 On this festivals many school conduct cultural programs and the students managing it. Various programs like social, cultural and even corporate competitions for children are also conducted.  In this epical occasion even the teachers will also perform for many songs and dances for students. Some other competitions like elocutions, fancy dress completions, quizzes and other different completions for children are conducted on this occasion and the children who performed well are presented many valuable gifts.  Children are also treated to lunch and movie. At present many television started to telecast many special programs for the kids on the whole day.      


Full day was more enjoyable and children feel very happy. Before one week of the festival they use to get practice for this occasion and they enjoy that days happily without any study class and other. The movie played on this occasion is fully based on the leaders and some other cartoon movies which give more enthuse for the children. During these festivals even parents will also enjoy the day happily on watching their children performance and they also feel as the child and participate on the event with their children. Many celebrities programs will also telecast and all the leaders and the important person will wish the children.  

Every year this festival is celebrated on 14th November and that day is a children’s day where all the children will enjoy the day with full of joy and happiness. This celebration even improves the skills of the children and they are rewarded for their excellent attitude. Plan children’s day celebrations differently for this year and enhance the joy.         


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