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2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Rooster

Chinese Horoscope for Rooster

Rooster horoscope predicts that things will be transient this year. Your life this year will depend more on your actions than the placement of the stars. Work on things that will improve your life. Avoid things that will ruin your peace.

Personal Relationship
Your emotions and feelings will be important in your relationships. You will be friendly and romantic this year. Pay attention to your partner if you want to advance your relationship with them in any way. Your romantic life will be passionate and promising. There is a chance of the affair being extremely sensuous and passionate. Be patient in your relationships. There will be no extreme changes in your relationships for the most part. You must work hard to change your doubtful perception. You are also likely to meet new people this year who could become great friends. Children can be expected by married couple.

Your work profile is likely to change this year. You will be full of productive energy. You may even be given new projects to work on. Pick one that helps you to show others your talents, whatever they may be. If you can lead in a situation, nothing good like it. Make yourself more valuable to everyone around yourself. When it comes to money this year, you need to act quickly. Work towards paying off your debts this year. Get rid of the boring things in life and spend on fun stuff later. You are likely to be full of both physical and mental energy this year. But don't treat your health and body poorly this year. Exercise regularly and keep a healthy diet. Your mind is likely to be stronger than your body. You will be able to solve problems and your intuition will feel strong. Your dreams may hold a hidden meaning. You are likely to be extra protected this year. It is safer to take risks than previous years.

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