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Chinese AstrologyWe are into the New Year 2018 but not so all over the world, as is the case with China!

The Chinese New Year may fall on any day from January 21st to February 20th on the Gregorian calendar. Thus the new year for the Chinese does not begin on January 1s, but on January 23rd.

The New Year is welcomed with red colour paper hung on houses. Generally people are curious to find out about their future. The Chinese rely on astrology for this.

Chinese astrology dates back to almost 2 B C and is interwoven with Chinese lore and legends unknown to the rest of the world. The astrology is founded on the "Ten Celestial Stems" the calendar based on sun and the moon, the five elements of life and the "Twelve Earthly Branches". Sixty years constitute a full cycle. The current cycle of 60 years began in 1984.

Casting a horoscope in the Chinese fashion requires a lot of calculations based on the time, the day and the season of the birth of a person as these affect the life of the person on the earth.

The twelve animal signs in the zodiac have an uncertain origin. The Jade King was curious about the animals that lived on the earth and wanted twelve specimens from the Earth, His minister went to the Earth and invited the Rat and asked the Rat to invite the Cat. The Rat did not call the Cat who was left out. The animals that came to the King's palace were the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse , the Ram, the Monkey and the Rooster. The twelfth animal to come to the King was the Pig, snatched from the Earth.

This was how the zodiac signs came about.

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