Ellora Festival-The Celebration Of Classical Dance

Ellora FestivalThe theme of Ellora festival
Maharashtra is very famous for several types of traditional events, which are celebrated with classical dance and inspiring music. The mesmerizing Ellora festival is the wonderful example for the interesting and unusual kind of festival celebrations, which are highly commemorated by the people of Maharashtra. From the name Ellora itself, everyone can get know about the theme and excellence of this festival. This Ellora festival is celebrated with the amalgamation of traditional dance and it is held in the month of March at every year. This impressive carnival is memorialized in the land of Ellora temple, which includes the surroundings of world-famous traditional caves and custom temple atmospheres.

Ellora Temple
Ellora temple is located in the place of 30 kilometer away from Aurangabad, the city of Aurangabad district, Maharashtra. This Ellora temple is also called as kailasnath temple or Kailash temple and this temple is mostly comprised with the statue of dancing Shiva that is the spirit of Nataraja. This temple and its related culture is the main theme of this Ellora festival.

The arrangements and organizing works of this famous and interesting festival are managed by the corporation of Maharashtra Tourism development, also called as MTDC. This festival is a unique source to remember the history and traditions that are related with the culture of Maharashtra. During this Ellora festival celebration, the MTDC association conducts different types of classical dance competitions among numerous amounts of competitors. In this dance competition, the best dancers will be selected by the organizing committee of Ellora festival.

Origin of Ellora festival

This dance competition can bring the real view of dancing Shiva, which is located in the Kailashnath temple of Maharashtra. By watching this Ellora festival, the visitors can get extraordinary experience and incredible range of amusements. This festival is celebrated by the people in a magnificent manner and the dance performance will be conducted in the environment of 1,400 years rock carvings and old caves. This traditional backdrop can give the lifetime experience for the visitors. These traditional Ellora caves are the incomparable asset of Maharashtra as well as India by its breathtaking architectural developments. The imprint of huge rock in Ellora temple is one of inimitable backdrops of this classical dance festival.

When consider about the background of this Ellora festival, it includes the celebration of Ellora Ajanta festival, which is the well-known carnival for the celebration of Indian dance and music. This festival is commemorated in Aurangabad and it comprises of enthralling rhythmic synchronization of music. Initially, this festival is conducted at the backdrop of wonderful Ellora caves, but in later it is shifted to the magnificent venue of Soneri Mahal. It was built in the period of 17th century and it is the architectural excellence of Aurangabad.
In addition to the events of cultural dance competitions and rhythmic musical harmonies, Ellora festival is also relates the celebrations of various events. Some illustrations for different types of events that are celebrated in Ellora festival include mehandi competitions, Rangoli, painting events, essay competitions, cookery, bhajan, and some other events related with sports activities.

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