Float Festivals Is A Joy Festivals Which Are Celebrated With Family And Relatives

Float FestivalFloat festival in mainly celebrated in Madurai and this festival took place on full moon day night of Tamil month. This festival fall on the thai month and this month lie between the mid of January and February.  The main concept of this festival celebrations date back to the 17th century and it also celebrate for first time by the king Thirumalai Nayak. He mostly concentrated on the artificial tank and he built the temple of the Lord vigneswara in the middle of the island. He also started custom of taking statue for a boat ride in tank on the birthday. This is the origine of the festivals and this was still celebrated grandly by the people.

The parade of idols of the deity Meenaksi and lord sundareshwarar starts from main temple and the deities are also taken to tank in golden palanquin accompany by elephants, Musicians, horse and thousands of follower. After this they are placed in the mandapam on the banks of lake. The devotees worship the goddess and god. Later than this idols are again taken in palanquins and located on the raft like arrangement.  This raft is colorful decorated with the varieties of flowers, silken buntings, flower garlands and paper lanterns.

Float Festivals Decorations:
 After placing it on the float it is taken round the lake with the help of the ropes. Float was beautiful decorated and this bedecked float taken back to the middle island and resides there till the evening. The devotees crowd the island and reach that place by the boat. In that evening his island temple is light up with colorful light and this look as mesmerizing. Even this place was more decorated with the oil lamp and these lights are brightly reflected in water and it gives amazing look for the people who are surrounded the float. This also gives the beautiful impression as if lake was glowing with the own lights. Then the float is also illuminated with the fluorescent bulb, flood lights and colored electric bulb.

The ornamental raft was changed into the dazzling object and it was follow by the display of firecracker on shore. In the divine setting, float is again place on the water. This also makes the way through spark water amidst firework. This festival gives happiness for all the people and they will praise the lord and pray well for their family. After the completions of full round, then the float is brought to shore and finally the idol placed on the gorgeous bedecked golden horse and return to main in a parade with great spectacle.       

Celebration Of Float Festivals:

Every year these festivals are celebrated grandly and people from all over the world come to Madurai and enjoy the festivals happily along with their family. In this special occasion Madurai look as a festival city and it gives happiness to all the people those who are living. Friends and relatives from other states will also come to Madurai to enjoy this festival happily.  


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