Flower Festivals Held In Different Places In Different Ways

Flower FestivalThe Flower festival is celebrated all over the world. It is seen as an important social event that can bring together different types of people to enjoy the harvest of a riot of colors in the flower. There is no single date for celebrating the flower festival and there are different dates for celebration of this festival at different places.

Flower festival in Netherlands and Belgium
Bloemencorso is the Dutch word that gives the meaning of flower parade and this is held in many towns in Netherlands and even in Belgium. The parade includes processions with floats and cars and sometimes even boats too that are decorated with flowers. The parade with these decorated cars or floats give a special charm for the onlookers. Zundert is the place where the largest flower parade is held. Here the parade takes place on the first Sunday in September and they prepare large floats with models made of steel wire, paper mache, cardboard and flowers. The huge floats are a specialty of the festival and the older people grow the dahlias and the younger people build the floats. There are 20 such hamlets and each build its own super sized floats.

Channel Island of Jersey and its moonlight fest
The carnival named Jersey Battle that is marked with different flower floats are held in the second Thursday of August. The music and dance are held by many of the participants and the funfair is held to bring the tempo of the festivity. The floats are decorated with flower models and the battle used to be held by using the ammunition from dismantling the floats or the models. The battle of flowers was held between the spectators and the participants. This part has become obsolete and a night time Moonlight parade with beautiful floats with lights and festoons are now used for the festival.

Tulip head floats in Spalding

There are the Spalding Flower Parade that is held in Spalding, Lincilnshire and initially this flower festival marked the Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary in the year of 1935. The celebration was done with tulips and the whole week was taken up in celebration. The recent Spalding Tulip parade showcases floats that are decorated with the heads of Tulip and each float uses around 100,000 flower heads and has become a world renowned occurrence for people to enjoy at some time in their life.   

Flower carpets from Belardo and Brussels

The June month sees the local people covering the streets with floral decorations or drawing with flowers. These are done with the ideas of religious art and different shapes or a shadow of famous paintings. The place this floral carpets are spread are in Belardo and now the organizers give a theme and the artists conform to the theme to form the carpets on roads. The carpets remain there for 2 days and then school children demolish the art work. You may also find such flower carpets designed in Brussels and this event is held in after every two years. A huge carpet of flower is laid on the main road in front of the city hall. The festivities starts from the evening and public are allowed to view the carpet.


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