Celebration of This Guru Purnima Is the Way of Thanking Beloved Guru

Guru Purnima FestivalGuru Purnima Festival
Guru purnima is a festival celebrated on the full moon day during the month of Ashad is observed as fortunate day. This is a day blessed to the memory of the ultimate sage vyasa. Every Hindu is obligated to this antique saint who amended the four Vedas. They have written18 puranas, srimad bhagavata and mahabarata.  Vyasa level taught Dattatreya who is observed as the Guru of Gurus. In this day every devotees and divine aspirants worship vyasa in decency of his divine celebrity and all disciples execute a puja of their particular spiritual gurudevs and preceptor. This festival is a deep significance for the farmers.

Significant of Guru Purnima
Guru purnima festival is the special day for the farmers and this time every person will pray to the lord to give cool shower rain to bring the fresh life to the field. This is the festival which begins your mystical lesson. Traditional, divine seekers originate to deepen their spiritual sadhana from that day. This festival is common one to all spiritual civilizations in Hinduism. This was devoted to the expression of thankfulness towards the educator by her/his discipline. Hindu abstainers and wandering monastics, witness this day by contributing puja to guru, during the chaturmas, a 4 month during rainy season.

Way of Guru Purnima Celebrations

People in Hinduism are fairly excited in their festivity and they establish different occasions then the Buddhist is the one who devote more periods in meditating in guru purnima. On this day many part of the countries the students are offered charanamrit and food are offered as the Prasad after they worshiping the guru vyasa. Normally students will show their gratefulness in the form of several wishes and gifts. At present everything in the world is changed as per the development of the technology so, now they use to wish through greeting and SMS. Some of the students who are extremely enthusiastic to their teacher will prepare gift by themselves to show their love.

Real Way of Thanking the Guru

This type of festivals is celebrated when world best gurus who have spent most part of their life by teaching. In olden days usually teaching methods are changed and the students in that period are more responsible to their guru and they believe the words of their guru. This practice motivates them to worship their guru and gives many gifts to thank them. This celebration of guru purnima is devoted to memorize and respect guru vyasa who is the most enlighten guru in Indian history. This is the real way of thanking the person who dedicated their life for the betterment of the people.

Rituals of Guru Purnima

Religious discussions are detained and the disciplines perform self introspection. They proffer pujan to the Guru sage and forfeit their great esteems to the Guru in speech, action and mind. They observe his wishes devoid of any reservations. They serve up him as they will serve up God. Gurus are greatly obeyed and respected on the Guru Purnima day. The devotees seek love, compassion and truth from them. They will show unwarranted respects to their teachings and knowledge. Celebrate this festival and show great respects to their lovable Guru.


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