Plan Your Vacation During The Gangaur Festival To Enjoy The Whole Day

Gangaur FestivalIndia is the celebrity country for the festivals and they will celebrate the different festival to share their love between each other’s and to honoring their wish God.  The Gangaur is the famous festival for the women and this festival is taking over for 18 days in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh as well in some parts of the Gujarat.  This festival is considers as one of the important festival in the Rajasthan.  In this festival, the women are dress up with their best cloths and honoring for their loveable husband.  On the last two days of this festival, they decorate the God Gauri with the different colors and take over the different part of the city and village in the Rajasthan. they  will conduct the  boat procession  in  Udaipur and   This boat  procession take place on the  lake  Pichoal and  fireworks.

 How to celebrate the Gangaur:
This festival is  common  for all the people  and  you can also  participate in this festival with  their  people and  enjoy the  festival  in the  happy way. They conducted many events for the people and for the children’s. If you win the competition, they will give reward for their winning events.  This event is open for the different people who are all coming from the different part of the counties. They will give great welcome for you and behave as fun and friendly at every time. So plan your trip for a correct time of this festival to enjoy your holiday as memorable moments in your life time.   

 Formal procedure of this festival:
 During this festival time, first important producers is to collect the ashes from the  holi fires  and then you have to bring a barley and wheat seeds.   After  that, you have to sing  a song of  Isar and  Gauri  as well as the women must carry a pot of water   that   should be keep  on their head.    After a week ago, the women must make the image of Isar and Gauri with the help of the clay.  They have to sing a folk song to praise the God Gauri. The seventh day of the first week evening, the unmarried girls must sing son which should be related to the ghudlia. They will give a gift like sweets, ghee, oils and some amount of the cash for the girls who are all participated in festival. This must be followed for the ten days of this festival

 Last three days of this festival:

The last three of the ganguar festival has more celebration and most of the people are enjoyed the festival well on this last 3 days. Especially the women must take the decorate clay image of the Gaur and that must be place over the heads of the married women.  This festival comes to end with happened for every people.

 Transport for this festival:
The Rajasthan government arrange the  different  transport of the  people  who are all coming from the various part of the countries and will must easy for them to  reach the  place in the  correct to enjoy the festival  with the  happy. 


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