Choose The Fine Transport To Reach For The Guruvayur Festival At The Correct Time

Guruvayur FestivalThe  Guruvayur festival is  celebrated  for  ten days  with the  zeal  and the  pomp in the  Guruvayur temple which is located in the Kerala. This festival takes over in the month of the February or in the march.  On the first day of this function, they raise the flag to start the festival and around thousand of the people are participating in the festival. This Guruvayur is one of the ancient and well known temples in Kerala and this temple is the holy abode of the srikrishna.  This festival is one of the great festivals in India and it will be celebrate on every years

 First event of this festival:
 The first event of this festival   is the elephant race and around 40 to 50 elephant can participate in this event. The winning of the elephant is honour by the thidambu on the same year. Most of the people are watching this race with fully happy and joyfully.  This elephant event  conducted  in the morning and  for the  next six day , They  conduct many cultural  programs in the  temple which will  happy  to send the  full time in the temple.  You can also participate in the festival to enjoy and you can also honoring God.

In the cultural program, they   will sing the different song as well as dancing also take place in the cultural place.  They play the Kerala drums while sing the song of the lord Krishna. The other important feature of this festival is kazhchasheeveli   which will be taking place for eight days. On the eight day they will offer the   Utsavabali and Guruvayur Ulsavan to Lords lieutenant. on the 9th day  around  forty to  fifty elephant  are  wearing the  mask which is called as the pannimanushams. 

On the last day  of this festival, the  temple  will  open at the  time of the  6.00 AM  and thousand of the  devotes can  take the  holy  dip  after the wash of the  lords Arattu sins and this  function  ends with by  lower the flag,  you can enjoy the festival in the happy way and the Kerala people  can welcome all the  people  and they  behave as  friendly for every time  .  Just plan your tip at the time of this festival a d visit the different place in the Kerala.  This temple opens daily   in the morning at the time of the 3:00 AM and closed at the 12:30 PM. In the evening this temple will reopens at the time of 4:30 PM to close at time of 9: 15 PM.

 How to reach the temple:
 Most of the people had the question of how to reach the Guruvayur Temple. This will simple for all the people who want to participate in this festival. There are three different ways to reach the temple without facing the any trouble namely, road way, airport ways and railways. This transport will be providing for 24 hours that will much easy for the people to   reach the place.   The cost of the transport will favorable for the users so most of the people wish to visit this festival with the family and friends.


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