Hampi Festival Brings Back The Sound And Colors Of The Golden Era Of The Place

Hampi FestivalThe small town in Karnataka in India known as Hampi is well known for the festival in International tourist spot. There are celebrations of the annual festival in the temples of the place Hampi. The temple festival in Hampi attracts a lot of crowd and they come from all over India and also from the world. The festival was celebrated from the time of Vijaynagar and its rich cultural period. The reign of Vijaynagar was the time of great achievement in cultural area also and this festival is the expression of such grandeur of the festival of the perion.

Festivity in the ruins of Vijaynagar
Hampi festival is also called the Hampi Utsav for the festival is called Utsav in India. The Utsav is celebrated in the 3rd to 5th November in the area which was once a great heritage of the empire called Vijaynagar and now is a heap of rocks in total ruins. The festival has been celebrated in the same way as was celebrated in the days of grandeur. The cultural festival was filled with dance and songs and drama. The countless people come in the town of Hampi to experience the festivities in the form of art and other cultural programs.

Celebration of coronation

The Hampi festival is a 3 day celebration and there are many events that are enjoyed by the spectators. The events were planned from a long time back and they are being carried out in almost the same way. The people who love the dance, music and drama will find it enthralling for them for the whole three days. The 2012 festival marked the coronation of the King of Vijaynagar for 500th anniversary. The king Krishnadeva Raya was coroneted and then started the good time for the land and prosperity is thus remembered by the people. 

Magnificient heritage of forefathers

The festival is organized by the government now and this has become a source of attraction for the State and its tourism. The magnificent heritage of the country and particularly of the place that it is being celebrated will bring a lot of tourists and they often find it a splendid to take photos and videos for their home. The recreation of the grandeur makes the bygone era come back in the small town and the people find it a blessing from the forefathers to be able to enjoy and commemorate the festivals in the same way that the forefathers did.

There are the handicrafts or the leather puppets and the various crafts that are made in the area by its craftsmen as they were made in the previous time. The past generation had its glory and those are revived with the continuation and modernization of the handicrafts. The decorated horses and elephants are seen during the procession and the men are also dressed at their best in these few days. The golden era of the place is revived in the dresses also and the vocalists and artists become busy entertaining the guests and the tourists. The women enjoy the festivals too and the whole of the town and various places of India get to find the lost glory of the bygone days through this Hampi festival.


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