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Hanukkah FestivalHanukkah is the best festival of Jewish  which is celebrated for the eight days along with nights This festival begins at 25 days of the Jewish calender. This festival is also known as the festival of lights which is celebrated  for the victory which was gained by the Jews  against Sthe Syrian Greeksin 165 BC. Lighting of the menorah is known as hanukiya an important tradition of Hanukkah . The menorah is the kind of candle stand which is divided into nine branches and each branch is considered for one day of this festival. Hanukkah is of same height especially the taller one which is in the middle and known by the name as servant which is used to light the other candles in the stand.

Importance of Hanukkah festival
In the year 165, Jewish temple is sized the soldiers of  the Syrian – Greeks. This incident upset the all Jewish people and they are not strong enough to fight against for that.  After 2 years all the Jewish people were ordered by the Emperor of the Syrian Greek to worship him as god. The soldiers of the Greeks were forcing the Jewish people to bow down the head along with eating the flesh of pigs , which are totally against in Jews practice. Then one of the priests is ordered to fulfill their demands, but he refused and  killed one of the villagers along with Greek  officers with his sword in order to fight against their rights. After that his sons along with other villagers attack the soldiers and killed most of the them.

Even this incident helps the Jewish people to take the land back from the Greeks. By that time priest is supported by other villagers  to fight against for priest and led to the formation of the troop. Then they moved back to their town in order to gain control of  the temple  and  Jewish troops were ordered to  purify the temple by burning of oil which was previously worshiped  for foreign gods. Then the troop noticed there is little oil left in the temple and then their lit menorah in  which oil lasts for 8 days. Thus this is the main story behind Hanukkah.

 Celebration of Hanukkah Festival

Hanukkah Festival is not only celebrated by lightening of lamps but also along with eating good food. They lit Hanukkah for eight days along with nights in order to remember the miracle of Hanukkah oil which is last for 8 days. People enjoy different types of games along with eating in which they had the special tradition of eating fried food during holidays like pancakes which are made up of onions and potatoes fried in the oil. They also take  jelly -donuts fried in the oil. People also go for dairy products especially cheese which is also one of the main parts in Hanukkah tradition.

Thus this festival is celebrated in order to remember the freedom gained by Jewish troops against Greek soldiers and it falls in the month of the Jewish calendar between late November and December.


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