Celebration of Hemis Festival Is Very Colourful

Hemis FestivalCelebration of Hemis Festival:
The festival of Hemis is celebrated on birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. He is known as the second Buddha. The festival is celebrated on the month of June and July according to the Georgian Calendar. In the Monastery of Hemis the festival is celebrated on the tenth day of Lunar Month of Tibetans. This is the huge Buddhist Monastery in India which is celebrated in Ladakh. The courtyard of the Hemis Gompa, which is the largest Buddhist Monastery, will be used as the stage of the hemis festival. The people are colourfully dressed and splendid dances are performed by the people who live there in Ladakh.

Dances and Music in the Hemis Festival:
The Lamas who were called as Chhams perform the splendid dances with mask along with drums, long horns and cymbals. The function is presided over by head Lama. In Tibetan year of Monkey, the festival takes a turn every twelve years during the display of “Thanka” depicting the Padmasambhava. The popular ‘Thanka’ which is highly embroidered with semi precious stone and pearls is exposed during the celebration of the festival. The other highlight of the festival includes contradictory explanations, musical performances and sacred dances. The lamas and monks gather together near Hemis Gompa in order to perform the divine mask dance to celebrate splendid success of good over evil.

Colorful fair for handicrafts:

A pretty fair which is colorful, that displays beautiful handicrafts of the people is one of the highlight of this festival. People eagerly purchase the handicrafts which are sold in the fair. Variety of food items, sweets, ornaments, toys and jewels are sold at the fair. There will be a lot of crowd around the fairs.  Women and children dresses themselves in a grand manner with a lot of jewels and bright headgear. The men mostly wear cummerbunds. Many sales exhibitions have been arranged for the tourist people to do purchase of their needs for their family. A large variety of dresses are also sold the shopkeepers.  They celebrate this Hemis festival by dancing.

Ladakh, which is the coldest desert region, awakes from the harsh and long winter. During this season, tourists from all over the world come to this place for various adventurous activities like climbing mountain, river rafting, for trekking and for starring the awe struck. They also have their travel to look the most attractive Indo-Tibetan culture. The people across India and the world assemble here to celebrate this festival which is held at the Hemis Gompa which is in Ladakh. For More than 500 monks, Hemis is the home.

The festival is celebrated for two days and more people will be participated in the celebration of this wonderful Hemis festival. During festival time, more than hundreds of devotees, tourists and local villagers gather hers for enjoying the celebrations of this festival. The place of celebration is divided into an assembly hall on right side and main temple on left. The Dukhang hall which is known as “green room” is used by the dancers at the time of the festival. The temple where festival is celebrated is Tshogkhang. The varandahs of the hall has a kalachakra which is known as the wheel of life.


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