AshramasTraditionally the life of a Hindu is divided into four Ashramas, that are the phases or stages.

1. The first part of one's life, Brahmacharya, the stage as a student, is spent in celibate, controlled, sober and pure contemplation under the guidance of a Guru, building up the mind for spiritual knowledge.
2. Grihastha is the householder's stage, in which one marries and satisfies kama and artha in one's married and professional life respectively. The moral obligations of a Hindu householder include supporting one's parents, children, guests and holy figures.
3. Vanaprastha, the retirement stage, is gradual detachment from the material world. This may involve giving over duties to one's children, spending more time in religious practices and embarking on holy pilgrimages.
4. Finally, in Sannyasa, the stage of asceticism, one renounces all worldly attachments to secludedly find the Divine through detachment from worldly life and peacefully shed the body for Moksha.

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