Hornbill Festival In The Land Of The Nagas

Hornbill FestivalThe Hornbill Festival is celebrated in Nagaland in India. This is the place of the tribes who have got diverse culture with the different ways of language and heritage. The mountains and the forest are there for giving color and mystery to the festivals and they find music and dance to celebrate the festival that goes with the wilderness of the area. The area of Nagaland is full of hills and mountains and the rivers flow by the hills where the shadow of the hills gets reflected in the river water. The vegetation is also rich for the area and the forest harbors the wild animals.

Festival in the ‘Switzerland of east’
The state is bounded by other states and is full of beauty from the nature itself. The place is also mentioned as the Switzerland of the East as there is the breath taking beauty from the mountains and the nature. The festivals attended by the people all over the country mark the beauty and splendor of the celebration. The Nagas are a huge number of people and they are fun loving and hence their life is a long drawn period of different festivals. The 16 tribes and various sub tribes are there with their own customs and traditions.

Rituals and decorations

They all attend the festival that is colorful as their way of life. The traditional art of the place and the music and dance are the simple rituals with which the festival is celebrated. There are games for the people joining in and the festival is celebrated in the area where the replica of the village and huts are created for enjoying the festival with a single revelation of oneness. The huts are decorated with proper wood carvings that are a distinct feature of the tribal huts and handwork and the hollow drums made of logs are used to give the music for enjoyment of the festival.

Fairs and Concerts make the festival engrossing

The beating of the drum and the hollow sonorous sound of the other instruments make the festival rise up in its true tribal atmosphere. The carnival or fair is set in the area for the festival and you will find different stalls for food and handwork of the people who live in the area and who work with their art sense to create beautiful work on bamboos and other bases. These are the main attractions till the sun is shining bright and then the sun down brings the evening with its long shadows.

The Hornbill National Rock Concert is the attraction for the time and there are bands that pour in from all over the country who love to show their talent in the stage of the Rock Concert. The festival is very popular and if you want to attend the festival then you must book accommodation beforehand and give the people intimation of your coming over. You can roam in your hired cab or taxi and there is a lot of information that you can gather from the Information Center in the festival venue. The souvenir shops are also there for your shopping and when you enter Nagaland the people of the India need inner permits and the foreigners need Restricted Area Permit.


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