Festival Of Dance And Music

Hoysala FestivalHoysala Festival is the festival of classical dance along with music which is held in the location of  Hoysala temples which is situated in Karnataka. These temples were erected especially in order to  honor the Hoysala king. These temples are carved in the beautiful way and have the stone carving along with sculptures which illustrate the gods along with different scenes in the battle field. This festival is the magnificent event that showcases Hoysala temples which shows the beauty of the architecture field. This festival is celebrated in the month of March or in the first week of April.

Importance of Hoysala Festival
This festival mainly displays the tradition of the Karnataka by way of dance and music.It is celebrated for Hoysala dynasty which has ruled on the parts of the southern India from 1000 AD till 1346 AD. It includes such discussions related to legacy in Indian art. This festival is dedicated to Hoysala architecture which was developed  under the rule of  Hoysala emperor in late 14 century. During this period many temples were built and among them was Hoysala which is the best example of style in architecture world.

They mostly build their temples on 2 deities including Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. These temples will provide the best opportunity for pilgrims along with the students  who visit this place in order to examine the best architecture made by the best craft men of medieval age. Thus this festival is celebrated in such temples which have the beautiful carving of stones. Some of the temples have also displayed the instructions which are mentioned in the Kannad language to give the briefest and important   information about the history of the Hoysala dynasty.These temples were also built for the Jain community in order to satisfy the needs of the main populations.

Celebration of Hoysala festival
This festival is celebrated in the month of march. They celebrate this festival by conducting various activities related to dancing along with music and  other fine art activities. The main events  which are the part of this festival is only the dance which is performed by different artist including the men and women along with music part which displays the culture of the Karnataka. People all over the India  along with the world comes to this place in order to look the best architecture made by the craft men and it is beautifully sculpted  and the people who are looking them will have such feeling like these idols were saying something at any moment.

Dances are performed in the best and great way which will attract most of the visitors as they are display the arts of the Karnataka by wearing such beautiful dresses along with ornaments.

Thus we can say that this festival is celebrated in the great temples which are showing the great architectures along with the stone carvings and idols of gods which are presented with different scenes and styles. They celebrate this festival by dancing along with music in the classical field.


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