Jagannath Puri

Jagannath PuriJagannath Puri or Purusottama Puri is a pilgrimage town with the famous temple of Lord Jagannath (means Lord of the Universe) and is a major tourist destination with all its beautiful and pleasant sights.

Puri is a land of temples, examples of a religious architechture. A synthesis of the inherent aesthetic sense of the Puri's people and the values of the religious sects and cults.Exquisite temples superb monuments , inviting beaches, natural landscape. There are many hotels, most overseas tourists stay near to Chakratirtha Road for the best of star hotels like hotel holiday resort, mayfair beach resort .The Sun temple at Konark is also near by. The Puri sea beach is a major attraction with its fantastic sea face view and golden sand, the water is a bit rough.

Jagannath was called "Purusottama" since his origin at Puri or Purusottam - Kshetra (the abode of Purusottam) since pre-historic times. The Rig Veda refers to him as the Daru (sacred log of wood) of Purusottama, afloat on the eastern sea.

The name "Jagannath" (Lord of the Universe) is invariably a collective representation of the Triad (Jagannath - Balabhadra - Subhadra) and has been in use since the dawn of the last millenium.
Legendary account as found in the

Skanda-Purana, Brahma Purana and other Puranas and later oriya works state that Lord Jagannath was originally worshipped as Neela madhab by a Savar king ( tribal chief ) named Viswavasu. Having heard about the deity , king Indradyumna sent a Brahmin priest, Vidyapati to locate the deity, who was worshipped secretely in a dense forest by Viswavasu. Vidyapati tried his best but could not locate the place. But at last he managed to marry Viswavasu's daughter Lalita . At repeated request of Vidyapti, Viswavasu took his son-in-law blind folded to a cave where Neelamadhab was worshipped.

The dynamic topographical and vegetational strength of puri have combined to extract some of the most stunning destinations in the district and the visitor would do well to prepare himself for a vacation that will not only be a visual feast but a highly educative and culturally pleasing in the world . Puri being one of the coastal districts of Orissa named after the heritage city of same name famous for Lord Jagannath. The district has a variety of monuments spitamising the evaluation of art and architecture. Nature has its full beam in the district with unspeilt Sea-beach, lake , wildlife and hospitable people with traditional crafts. Besides getting experience with cultural and social lives of Orissa , Tourists may plan for lieasure crusing, bird and Dolphin watching , sightseeing communing with nature.

Places to see in Puri
Shree Jagannath Puri Temple.
Golden Beach of Puri.
Shankaracharya's GOBARDHAN Pitha A Hindu Moth
Swargadwar The Gateway to Heaven.
Shree Lokanath Temple
Sunara Gaurang Temple
Bedi Hanuman Temple
Chakra Tirtha Temple
Mausima Temple
Shree Gundicha Temple

How to reach Puri
By Air:-Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport. Many flights are from Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Calcutta, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai.
By Rail:-Train links are with New Mumbai, Delhi, Guwahati , Hyderabad ,Thiruvanantapuram Calcutta and Baidyanath Dham
Road:- 60 km by State Highway from Bhubaneswar. One can also approach by road via Konark and then through the Marine Drive covering about 100 km.

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