Jain worship and rituals

Jain worship and ritualsEvery day most Jains bow and say their universal prayer, the "Namokara Mantra", aka the Navkar Mantra, Parmesthi Mantra, Panch Namaskar Mantra, Anadhi Nidhan Mantra. Jains have built temples, or Basadi or Derasar, where images of tirthankaras are revered. All Jains accept that images of Tirthankaras are merely symbolic reminders of their paths to attain moksha. Jains are clear that the Jinas reside in moksha and are completely detached from the world. Jain rituals include:

1. Pancakalyanaka Pratishtha
2. Pratikramana
3. Samayika
4. Guru Vandana
5. Chaitya Vandana, and other sutras to honor ascetics.

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