Janmashtami Festival Brings Happiness In Every Home

Janmashtami Festival About Janmashtami Festival:
Janmashtami is a popular festival which is celebrated by all Hindu and this festival was eminent on 8th day of dark fortnight. This festival celebrated on the month of bhadon and this also known as Krishna Paksh. This festival usually coincides with the winter season. The main reasons for celebrating these festivals are to praise the birth of Krishna. Krishna is the most significant incarnation of Vishnu who has preserved the holy trinity. This avatar of Krishna perhaps supersedes the total of other appearances is that of sagacious charioteer who bring the knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita to Arjun beforehand the great battle of Mahabharata.

Reason For Janmashtami Festival:

Janmashtami festival is also well-known as Krishna jayanthi comes in the month of September in every year. History reveals that lord Krishna born on the stormy night and it seems as the lord varun who is the god of rain warm welcomed the lord Krishna by himself. This celebrations was still flowed by all the people and this is the most familiar festivals for everyone. This festival was not only celebrated in the India but also it celebrated all over the world where the Hindu people are living. In this special day many celebrations are held with happiness and people are also enjoying this day cheerfully.

Celebrations Of Janmashtami Festival:

On this day every one praises the lord Krishna and prepares many sweets which are favorable to lord Krishna. In these special occasions all the women use to draw the footprint of child Krishna and they believe that Krishna visits their home on that day. They believe that this will take off all the sorrows in their life and brings virtuous things in their life. In this festival ideal of Krishna will be decorated beautifully and people sing a song to praise the lord.

Lord Krishna is so mischievous in his small age so many people like to know about his life story. So on this day grandparents in the home will tell the stories about the lord Krishna and they praise the birth of Krishna. Festival joins all the people in the family and that day full of joy and happiness remains in every home. Many food items are prepared specially and serve to everyone in the family. These different dishes will be the real treat for everyone and they enjoy this festival happily.

Plan the celebrations of janmashtami differently in this year and enjoy the festival cheerfully with your family. This is the traditional one which is followed from several years. In this festival many special programs and drama are conducted and this drama expose the life history of the lord Krishna. You also celebrate this festival happily with your family members and enjoy this day happily and prepare many special things and give surprise to your family members. This festival brings happiness in your family so celebrates it grandly and enjoy every moment of this day joyfully. In this special day all family members will join together and enjoy it gladly.


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