Jhansi Festival

Jhansi FestivalThe name Jhansi reminds us of the Rani Lakshmi Bai who played the great role in the history of struggle for India’s freedom. Jhansi is a part of the Bundelkhand Region which lies across the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Jhansi festival is otherwise called as Jhansi Mahotsav. This festival is organized by the tourist department of Uttar Pradesh in order to showcase the cultural and literary heritage of the region. Apart from visiting many places of attraction of Jhansi you can also find many festivals that keep you busy. You have to travel around Jhansi during the festival times and can witness the local customs, rituals and culture better.

This Jhansi festival is celebrated at the end of February or at the beginning of March and it is a week-long event. The festival is highlighted with the dance and music performances. Different competitions, handicraft fair, food festival and other performances like suata, rai dance and alha songs are held in the festival. The event is usually held during the evening in an open auditorium that is found near the archeological museum of the state. The splendour of yellow light that appears in the background of the auditorium gives a fabulous view during the night and makes the people admire the fort.

Jhansi festival will be a treat to the people who are interested in poetry culture and tradition of Jhansi. These performances remind us of the legends who have excelled in the field of poetry. Mehandi competition, rangoli competition and recipe competitions are also held during the festival while the handicraft fair and other competitions are also conducted in Rani Lakshmi Park. State flowers and vegetables exhibitions are also worth enough to be visited in Jhansi. This exhibition is held for nearly 3 days and it is organized by the state government. There are also many other competitions held along with the home garden category.

Traditions of Jhansi festival

The week-long Jhansi festival is celebrated during the month of February or March every year. It is considered as a platform to display the cultural heritage of Bundelkhand region. In an open sir theatre the music and dance performances are conducted near the Archaeological museum of the state. This festival mainly celebrates the legends in the field of poetry especially from that region. Every day of this festival is featured by special performances by renowned artists and also features shows such as laughter shows and Bollywood night.

Tourist Essential from Jhansi festival

The venue of Jhansi festival is near the Archaeological museum of the state in the open auditorium. The theatres backdrop is the magnificent Jhansi Fort. It is featured by many dance and music performances that are considered as the highlight in the event. Dramas, Ghazals and dance performances are also included in the festival. The Jhansi festival is mainly known for promoting Ayurveda which is considered as the ancient system of medicine in India. This can also be names as Ayurveda Jhansi Mahotsav because of this aspect in the festival. The cultural celebrations and Ayurveda therapies are considered as the best therapies for tourists.


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