Grand Spiritual Celebration Of Kandoori Festival

Kandoori FestivalKandoori festival is a festival which is celebrated by the Muslims of South India every year with great enthusiasm and grace. It is celebrated for long two weeks at the famous venue of Nagore Durgah at Nagapatinum in Tamil Nadu. During these celebrations these Muslims give great respect and honor to the Sufi saint Hazrath Syed shahul who is considered as the 23rd descendant of Prophet Mohammed.

Celebration of the festival

The commencement of Kandoori festival is done by the procession with the holy flag through the streets of Nagapatinum and then this holy flag is hosted at Nagore Durgah.The five century old Nagore represents the tomb of Hazrat Syed Hameed Qadir Vali in the memory of whom this festival is specially celebrated. The five minarets of Nagore represent the five pillars of Islam where the holy god Allah is praised. This holy flag is dismantled on the very last day of the festival. The festival lasts for long eleven days and the prayers are done by the Muslims daily at the mosque during those days. They thank and praise the supreme power by offering money, gold and silver limbs and eyes.

They thank god for his great kindness and fulfillment of all the wishes of their life. The devotees are provided with the holy ashes of those materials which are made of turmeric, ghee and sandalwood. People suffering from some aliment also make sacrifices of sheep and fowl during this special occasion. On the tenth day of the celebration the spiritual tomb is smeared with the paste of sandalwood by Kaleefa, the high priest. After doing this special activity the priest loses his consciousness and then regains it later. After regaining of consciousness he distributes the sandalwood paste to the waiting crowd of devotees. The most important and interesting aspect of this festival is that both the Hindus and the Muslims equally take part actively in large numbers. Both of them take a dip in the holy pond of Durgah for its therapeutic significance.

Conduct Breaking of the religious fast

Every year during the Kandoori festival the religious South Indian Muslims conduct a spiritual fasting during the course of this festival. They carry out their fasting at the venue of Peer Mandapam which starts from 9th to 11th Jamaidhul Akhir. The devotees visit the tomb of the holy saint before breaking their fast in the evening at the sea front just beside the shrine of Chilladi Durgah. Throughout all the 14 days of this celebration they fast hard and read the messages of Al Koran in the mosque. Though on the last day of this celebration the hosted religious flag is dismantled but the spiritual light of Durgah representing the presence and blessings of Allah are preserved.

Every year this religious Indian celebration of Kandoori festival is being celebrated with great enthusiasm and utmost faith by the Muslims of South India. They believe that during this time their worshipped devoted spiritual power comes down to earth and fulfills all their wishes.


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