Grandly Celebrate Karvachauth Festival And Enjoy This Occasion Happily

Karva Chauth Festival

About Karvachauth Festival:
Karvachauth is the ancient Indian traditional festival that made a strong impresses on culture. This festival adds to rich values of social, moral ethics and selflessness. In the Hindu religion, goal of the life is attainment of god and self-realization. Fasting is wanted after path to attain this festival and it is one of the famous one for the married women. This festival is celebrated in the western Indian and northern states such as Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and some other. But at present this festival are known to all the places in the country because of its pious reason and rituals. Usually this festival celebrated on kartik kichauth that means the dark fortnight fourth day of wanning moon of Hindu month of the kartik. As per the English month this festival was celebrated in the month November. This festival has originated about nine days earlier the fiesta of Diwali.

Celebration of karvachauth festival:
These festivals are celebrated with the enthusiasm and pomp that too new married couple celebrated this in a grand manner. Very important aspects of these festivals are which dawn to dusk fast is taken by the wife and they lastly break this fast after seeing the full moon. This fast is undertaken to fulfill their prayer. On this occasion wife will pray for the long life and good health of her husband without taking water and foods. In this festival 2 most popular gifts to the women who detect the fast are Baya and Sargi. This sargi is the gift of meals, clothes and sweets given to the women in this festival karvachauth. Baya is also the gifts which are similar to the food and clothes.

Significant of this festival:

Every Hindu fast has deep religious significance and spiritual. This has convert imperative to be precise in puja procedure of the traditional ceremonies and this comprises karwachauth. This was observed by the married women for endure wedded bliss. The married women who celebrate these festivals are also known as the saubhagyavati. In this occasion the small container is filled with the water or milk. In that kalash there are five different pieces of dissimilar metals like silver, gold, copper, iron and brass. This kalash is presented to the Brahmin and this was exchanged with other women who got married. On this celebration many wishful prayers are presented to the lord Ganesh. 

This type of katha is took place among parvati and Siva. This vrat was first observed in the place shukraprastha by veeravati. Veeravathi is a daughter of Leelavati and vedsharma. These practices have still followed by the married women. In this day if the husband is present then wife will worship him with the panchopchar,  dhoop, pushpa and naibedya. In case the husband is in travel then they offer a prayer to almighties to give long life for their husband.  

In this festival women of the neighborhood will usually gather in one house and they perform puja together and pray the god whole day. This festival really brings happiness for the women and they get good time for praying to the god and this pray give happiness in their life. Even many surprising moment are also present in this celebrations so everyone can enjoy it cheerfully.


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