Lohari Melas

Lohari MelasOn Lohri day, colorful fairs or melas are held in many of the villages of Punjab, Himachal and Haryana. Lohri fairs are enthrallingly picturesque with bustling market springing up, in which food and products of local handicrafts such as toys, glass bangles and an assortment of all kinds of articles for domestic use are on display.
People come to participate in Lohri Melas from far-off places, trudging dusty distances. Men women and children of all ages, classes and creeds flock in hundreds and enjoy the numerous fascinating features of the fair; races, wrestling bouts, singing, acrobatics, etc.
There is fun and frolic all round the place where the Lohri fair is organized. The old as well as the young enjoy these fairs to the fullest as these fairs reflect the joy of the community.
Lohri festival is not just an occasion for festivity and mass gathering but it is an unbounded expression of the spirit of the inner freedom, of creative pride, of zest for life, and of colorful traditions of the people of Punjab.

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