Makara Sankranti- Special Occasions for Hindus

Makara Sankranti FestivalMakar Sankranti, the harvest festival which is celebrated in different parts of India. Makar refers to Capricorn and Sankranti refers to the transition. Every month when the sun passes from 1 sign of the zodiac to the next, there is a Sankranti. Totally, there are 12 signs of the Zodiac and Sankranti appear for every month. It is the Hindu Indian festival that is celebrated on a specific date (January 14th of every year). Makar Sankranti is an auspicious day for Hindus and celebrated in various regions of the country in cultural forms with fervor, gaiety and devotion.

Lots of individuals come and dip in places such as Ganga Sagar and Prayag and also pray to the God Sun. This festival is celebrated as Pongal in the southern region of the country. In Punjab, this festival is celebrated as Lohri and Maghi. Gujarati’s gives thousands of colorful oblations in order to make beautiful kites over the skyline. In Uttar Pradesh, this festival is known as Khichiri. Most of the individuals come and dip in the river and it is regarded as auspicious. Before one month, Magha-Mela fair will be started at Prayag on this special occasion. Beside from Triveni, bathing also takes place in several places such as Garh Mukteshwar and Haridvar in Patna and Uttar Pradesh.

Every year in Bengal, a huge Mela is held at the Ganga Sagar where Ganga river is considered to have dived into nether region. This mela will be attended by a huge pilgrim from all the country. Sankrant is called by the name Pongal in Tamil Nadu. This festival starts by rising and falling of rice boiled in milk and it has more significance when compared to Diwali. This festival is famous among the farmers. Pulses and rice together cooked in ghee and also milk is given to the family divinity after worship.

Sankrant is a Puja which is done in the remembrance of God Sun. Makar Sankranti is a 3 day harvest festival in Andhra Pradesh. People of Andhra Pradesh consider this festival as a big event. The Telugus love to call it as ‘Pedda Padunga’ which means a big festival. This festival lasts for 4 days: 1st day as Bhogi, 2nd day as Sankranti, 3rd day as Kanuma and 4th day as Mukkanuma. On Sankranti, the people of Maharashtra exchange their multi-colored tilguds which is made from sugar and tail and also til-laddus which made from jaggery and tail. For lunch, Til-polis are provided. It is a special occassion for women in Maharashtra, because married women will be invited to ‘Haldi-Kumkum’ (get-together) and provided gifts of any utensils.

In Gujarat, this festival is celebrated similar to Maharashtra, but they give gifts to their relatives. The gifts will be given to younger members by the elders. The pundits in Gujarat give scholarships to the students for their higher studies in philosophy and astrology. This festival helps in maintaining social relationships with their community, caste and family. Many states celebrate this festival in a different way.    


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