Celebrate Muharram Festival Along With Your Neighbor

Muharram Festival

In Muslim community Muharram is a first month of Islamic lunar calendar. This festival is count from the solar year so it is different from Gregorian or solar calendar which is used in western nation. While comparing with solar calendar, lunar month of Muharram shifts for every year.  Muslims provides an additional significance of month of Muharram and they also think that this moth is the most holy of all months. The word Muharram is frequently considered as Ashura and the 10th day of this festival month. This festivals are specially celebrated in the regions where Muslim lives mainly such as Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, west Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and Maharashtra.   
Story Behind Muharram Festival:
In this month of Muharram the grandsons of holy Mohammad prophet and his family members are surrounded by the forces of yazid. This incident took place in Karbala in Iraq which is the bank of river Euphrates. Hussain and their followers are forced to pay allegiance and they want to submit everything to those authorities. But they disagree to do this so the ruler become angrier and he killed every one. After this little battle Hussian and the follower are tortured severely and killed by army of the ruler and Hussain head severed and presented to king. This tragic incident happen on 10th day of Muharram, Muslim considers this is the day of sorrow. They remember the death of centenary of Hussain as a spiritual occasion called Muharram.

Celebrations Of Muharram:   
 Celebration of Muharram will begins on first day of the month and it continues for 10 days.  During this festivals Muslim use to wear black dress and this regards as the color of sadness. During this 10 day they keep away from all sorts of entertainment like music, joyous events. During this festival Majalis are detained where shia orators vividly portray the event of the martyrdom of Hazat Imam Hussain. This festival was celebrated by all the Muslim who is present in this world. During these festivals they remember the death of the ruler and they pray to the god.    

 Last Day Of The Festival Celebration:
Last day celebration of this festival is highly essential. In this day they observe fast and they give many gifts as they like. In these festivals they also perform Nafl Salat prayers and they used to perform surah Ikhlas 1000 times.  In this festival celebration they place their hand of affections on an orphan heads and put surma in one eyes. They take bath and cut one nails on this occasions.

On this festivals all Muslim gather in a place and assemble large processions. Then parade on streets holding posters and models of Hazat imam Hussain. They also perform as beating themselves with chains and cutting themselves with sharp things and knives. This will indicate the sorrow death of their favorite leader. You plan this festival in this year in a different way and pray well to get good life.     


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