Worship the Cobra Snake during the Naag Panchami and Obtain Good Fortune

Naag Panchami FestivalInformation About Naag Panchami Festival
Naag Panchami is one of the most famous Hindu festivals. During this special day, people worship the live cobras or images. This festival is mostly celebrated from all over India. It is renowned on the 5th day after Amavasya of month of the Shraavana. On this special occasion, young married women wear traditional dress to visit their pre-marital family units to celebrate the Naag Panchami festival. Particularly in villages, a facet of the Panchami celebration involves women dangling on dangles hang up on tree branches. On this day, cooked rice and milk is proffered to cobra snakes accepted by snake charmers. Inhabitant’s visits temples particularly dedicated to Cobras and worship them. Shiva shrines are also preferred places for devoting as Cobras are deemed dear to him. Someone depart to worship the Cobra snake that is trusted to be concealing in the gaps of anthills.

Traditions and Rituals
Cobra snakes are devoted with great dedication and are proffered prayers on Naag panchami. On this day lengthy fast is viewed in almost all areas in India. Devotees carry turmeric powder and milk to the shrine as proffering for the icon. It is trusted that performing so ensures sovereignty from jeopardy of snakebites. If the snake Cobra imbibes milk, then it is deemed to bring good luck.

In some other places, cobras are given bathtub in milk and proffered cooked rice. In Punjab, a huge Snake icon is taken all around places, often escorted by dancing, merry making and singing. In the last part it is obscured to mark the last part of the ritual. In Bengal, Snake is worshipped normally by women. Green bananas and raw mild are proffered by the devotees. On this special day, several Cobra charmers carry cobras in clay pots only to liberate them in different temples wherever they are worshipped. The Naag Panchami festival continued throughout the day with music, fairs, magic shows, gymnastic feats, dance and more.

Naag Panchami Pooja
Inhabitants bring clay statues or icons and worship at abode. In different places in India, conventionally 5 idols of Cobras are made, all with 5 heads, utilizing sliver, wood or the gold pen. The divine Cobra is placed in a blessed cooper saucer and it is called as Tamhan and lean blades of grass and it is known as Durva which are placed around the icon. A lamp thread is dipped in ghee and it is known as Waat. Then the snake icon is devoted with Panchamrit, Kheer and milk.

A blessed thread is called Janva is worn out around the Cobra idol and Kumkum is applied on the idol of the snake head. And then Nag Mantra is intoned pursued by proffering Prasad of Lahya bathed in milk.  After that day morning the icon is devoted again and it is called Uttar Pooja and the Cobra icon is flown in an ocean, river and pond. As per the Indian tradition, Naag Panchami pooja is executed by the inhabitants who worshipped the Ganapathi on Ganesh Charturthi. Celebrate this Naag Panchami festival and get good fortune for every year.


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