Celebrate Onam Festival Colorfully and Bring Happiness in Your Life

Onam FestivalAbout Onam Festival
Onam is one of the most prominent and biggest festivals in the state of Kerala. This festival falls throughout the Malayali month of the Chingam. This festival memorializes the Vamana avatar of the Vishnu and the following homecoming of the well-known king Mahabali. It lasts for 10 days and brings out the most excellent Kerala tradition and culture. On this special day, people decorated pookalam, breathtaking Snake boat race, exotic Kaikottikali dance, ambrosial onasadya. These are the most remarkable and unforgettable features of Onam festival. Onam is a colorful and bright festival which celebrates the rewards of nature plus a year of excellent harvest.

During this occasion, people wear new clothes and share their wishes through SMS, phone, mail and more. The Onam festival is the best way to meet their friends and family members after long days. One of the most important things is that the inhabitants can also share their delicious sweets and foods to their beloved ones. If you have any doubts regarding this kind of festival, you can search through the internet and clarify your doubts.

Onam Celebrations

Rich cultural heritage of the Indian State of Kerala appears out in its most excellent spirit and form throughout the 10 day long festival. It is undeniably a treat to be fraction of the grand festival. Inhabitants of Kerala will make sophisticated preparations to commemorate it in the most excellent possible manner. The most inspiring part of Onam carnival is the splendid feast and it is called as Onasadya, it is mostly prepared on Thiruonam. It is a 9 course banquet consisting of 11-13 essential dishes. Onasadya is serving up on banana leaves and inhabitants sit on a rug laid on the ground floor to have the different kind of dishes.

Another enchanting aspect of Onam festival is Vallamkali, the Boat Race that held on the great river Pampa. It is multicolored sight to observe the ornamented boat oared by more than hundreds of boatmen amidst singing of songs and soothing by spectators. There is also a Kerala tradition to play sport, collectively called as Onakalikal. Men depart in for rigorous games like Ambeyyal, combats, Kutukutu and Talappanthukali called Attakalam and Kayyankali. Women cosset in cultural acitivities. They will create intricately designed flower rugs and it is called Pookolam in the front side of courtyard of abode to welcome the great king Mahabali.

What Rituals Is Executed During Onam

People of Kerala start to celebrate this festival before 10 days of onam. On Atham which falls 10 days earlier to Onam festival, people used to wake up early in the morning and take bath. They also make arrangement for performing prayers. They also decorate the ground in front of the house with many colorful and attractive flowers. The decoration that is done with flowers is referred by a special name called pookalam. The floral decoration will continue for ten colorful days starting from Atham to onam. Various competitions are also organized and prizes are distributed for the best floral decoration. People used to cook a lot of food varieties and grand feast has been arranged and is called as Onasadya. This feast is given on the special Onam day. When you travel to Kerala, try the varieties of the food in good quality hotels.


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