Color of the Skin in Palmistry

Color of the Skin in Palmistry The health of a person is often indicated by the color of their hands. Dead white hands often indicate a lack of circulation. Pink hands are usually a sign of good health in palmistry. Red hands may indicate high blood pressure. Bluish hands indicate a sluggish condition of the circulation of the blood supply. The normal color of the palm should be rosy and pinkish.

Health Markings

* If there is an island on heart line beneath Saturn, it may indicate hearing defects.
* If the heart line is laddered beneath Apollo finger, then it may indicate calcium imbalance
* If there is a star on heart line, it may indicate heart problems
* A diamond attached to life line may indicate gynecological problems
* Tussling of head or life line may indicate energy problems
* Speckles on Fingernails indicate imbalance of zinc
* Vertical Ridges on fingernails indicate intestinal problems
* Horizontal ridges on finger nails indicate trauma
* Convex shape of finger nails indicates the person to be anemic.
* Persons with fan-shaped fingernails need to relax.

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