Pongal Festival Is The Harvest Festival And It Celebrating Prosperity

Pongal Festival

About Pongal Festival:
Pongal is the Hindu festival which is the festival celebrated first at the beginning of the new year. This festival celebrated on the day as the solar calendar and this date lies between January 13 to 16 and this never changes at any cost. This festival celebrated for four days and each day of this festival are celebrated has a particular significant and this is celebrated more grandly in villages. In the city this festivals are celebrated on second day.  This is the way of thanking the lord and most of the framers celebrate this festival to thank the God.
First Day Celebrations Of Pongal Festival:
First day celebration of pongal festival is called as the Bhogi. During this Bhogi festival everyone will clear out the homes and collect unwanted goods from top to bottom. They burn these waste things and clean the home properly. This is the first step of the festival which indicates that every place should be clean so that it gives good health for the people. On this day every neighbor join to gather and burn the wasted things from their home so this occasion bring more happiness.     

Second Day Of The Pongal Festival Celebrations:

Second day of the pongal festival celebrated as the Surya pongal and this day actually begins as a first day of the month Thai. In this day the God sun was worshiped and the women will wake up early in the morning and put elaborate kolam on ground in the front of the doorway. After that all the family members will wear new dress and they use new utensils which replace the discarded on previous day. In this festival new rice is cooked in the pots until it over flow the pots. This over flowing of rice is happy occasion and adults and the children will shout out as pongalo pongal. In that moment children use to dance and play music. After this rice cooked well they prepare a tastiest food called as pongal. There are also many varieties of pongal like shakkrai pongal which are prepared with the sweet and dal and other one is a venpongal which means white.  To escort this venpongal people used to add sambar, idli, brinjal, spicy and vadai.   

Matt Pongal Festival Celebration:

Matt pongal festival celebration is normally held on the third day of the pongal festival. During this celebration they paying respect to cattle. On this occasion bulls and cows are beautifully decorated with bells and paints and the people worship to them. In this day cattle decorate with the kum kum on the head and bell on the neck. People touch the cattle feet and forehead and pray them by bending down. People also show the aarthi and offers the prasadam to the cattle. This are occurred grandly celebrated in the south villages.

Kanu Pongal Celebration:

Fourth day of the pongal is celebrated as kanu pongal and this occasion people use to travel to different places to visits other family members. All the young members of the family unit together and respect the elders grateful them and get money. In this festival they prepare food and serve the foods to the birds and enjoy the festival happily.  Pongal is the festival which brings the biggest happiness in every family and this continues for four days and that four days seems to be celebrated by conducting gaming programs to everyone. Celebrate this traditional festival and enjoy the life happily.  


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