Ram Navami Festival Celebration And Significant

Ram Navami FestivalAbout Ram Navami:
Sri Rama navami is the festival dedicated to the memory of the lord Rama. Usually this festival took place on the 9th day and this festival remembers the birth of Rama who is known for his righteous reign and preperous. This festival is celebrated in the month of March and this festivals will begins with the prayer to sun in the early morning.  The special procession in this festival is gaily decorated with the chariot which the four persons will dress up as a Rama, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman. All other people use to dress up with the ancient’s model and happily celebrate the day.   

Significant Of Ram Navami Festival:
Though this festival of Ram Navami is celebrated by the Vaishnavites and the worshippers of Lord Shiva are also widely celebrating this festival. When fasting is carried out on this day, it is very worth able and can get the blessings of Lord Vishnu. The fasting is followed for nine days which starts from the day of Ugadi to Rama Navami. The purpose of the fasting is not to earn the special favors but to continue as a perfect human. Number of chants and pujas are performed on the name of Lord Rama. Many Pujas and special services are performed on this auspicious day in the temples of Lord Rama. The popular element and significant of this festival is Ramayana parayana which is a discourse about Ramayana. A story teller or a pundit, provide the discourse to the people for nine days starting on Ugadi and this will end on the day of Rama Navami.

Celebration Of Ram Navami Festival:
This Ram navami festival is celebrated by all the Hindus and this festival are also celebrated grandly in the temples. Shriram temples celebrate this festival for 9 days and this festival the Ramaraksha prayers recite for more than eleven times and this brings lots of benefits for the person who tells this prayer daily.  During the noon time a coconut is wrap in hooded cover is placed in a crib and rocked. This coconut indicates the baby shriram. This was showered with the flowers and the red fragrant powder. This are very famously celebrated in the northern side.  

Ram navami is celebrated by worshiping the god and in this special occasion people use to go out for the temple and worship the gold by telling prayers. Sun is considers as a progenitor and this indicates that the kula or vamsa and sun mean ancestral descendant. It is also known as the sun festivals and people use to worship sun on these special occasions.

Fasting on Ram navami is a very important one and all the women will pray to the god for his husband and children without taking food and water. They believe this prayer will give god health and wealth for their family.  So worship the lord on this occasion and get blessing for the Shriram. Enjoy this festival and share your celebration with your neighbors so that happiness will surely increase. 


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