Physical Purification through Reiki

Physical Purification through ReikiWhen Reiki is purifying the physical body, flu-like symptoms may be experienced like fever, headache, sore throat, excessive mucus, coughing, constipation, diarrhea, and other symptoms. As toxins are being released, odors in the urine and feces may change. Pressures or pains throughout the body, tingling, nausea, or spinning sensations may also be felt in the chakras as Reiki opens, cleanses and balances them.

To lessen such effects, spend extra time doing Reiki over back position and over symptomatic areas. Take long walks and exercise the entire body mildly. Breathe clean, fresh air deeply into the lungs, and drink lots of pure, fresh water. Eat light nourishing meals which include fresh fruits, vegetables and juices. A cleansing fast can also be advantageous.


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