Dos and Don’ts for Reiki

Dos and Don’ts for Reiki Don’t consider yourself to be the healer. The healing is done by ‘energy’ while you only impart it. If the person does not seem to get better, the energy is working on levels other than physical. In case of accidents, emergencies or for on-the-spot stress relief, treat local areas to stop bleeding, and reduce shock or stress. If possible, treat all twelve positions.

In case of First-Time Treatment, give treatment for three to four consecutive days every 24 hours. It takes this long for the body to completely fill with energy and begin the detoxify process. The frequency of additional treatments can be determined after the initial series is completed. Always continue treatments until the energy is balanced, healing is complete and health is wholly restored. Never treat a child alone; have its parents present.

Reiki works on all levels. Both hands channel Reiki equally. It is not necessary to consider the positive or negative sides of the body for hand placement. It is a complete or bi-polar energy that contains both positive and negative aspects. Reiki can be used on plants, animals, food, etc. Every living thing can benefit from Reiki as it is unlimited.


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