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Taurus Zodiac Sign Horoscopes

Taurus Zodiac Sign Predictions

This is a general description of your ascendant according to the Indian Vedic astrology and do not confuse yourself with your western zodiac Sun/Moon sign as they are always different from this Vedic Indian rising sign of Ascendant and description. In this section the description is given according to functional nature of planet in the nativity by their strength, placement, affliction, as per Systems Approach.People born with Taurus rising ascendant are generally of medium stature.

Taurus is a fixed and earthy sign. Therefore, Taurians have great endurance and patience. However, when provoked, they become temperamental and vicious like a bull (the pictorial symbol allotted to this sign is a bull with horns).

They are slow and steady, plodding, persevering, patient and persistent in approach. They possess strong will power and seldom act in an impulsive manner.

Rather they prefer to wait for the opportunity to come and then take full advantage of it. However, if there are bad influences on the ascendant or Venus, they become lazy, self-indulgent and face obstructions in financial stability & health matters.

The sign Taurus is ruled by Venus and it provides global awareness, pleasures, comforts, travel, and interest in arts music, media, judicial knowledge, financial stability, good health and longevity. They are generally ambitious, cheerful and fond of enjoyment. They are good husbands or wives and their domestic life is generally stable and happy.

They are fond of music, arts, cinema, drama, etc. and enjoy good health but if they fell ill, recovery in their case is slow. They generally excel in the fields related to luxurious articles, cosmetics, scents, jewellery and gems. They can also become agriculturists and actors or actresses or musicians, film producers, owners of theatres etc.

Following are some of the positive & negative effects as per the placement of benefic planets, placement of weak afflicted planets and influence of the malefic planets in the nativity. They have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn as benefic planets and Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Venus, Mars as malefic planets.

Moon is a benefic planet for Taurians. When it is strong in strength, it blesses good physical & mental growth, sound sleep, initiate, learning, writing, communication, new ventures, analytical capabilities, interest in financial matters and cooking. However, if it is weak in strength/afflicted by malefic planets, then it causes argumentative behavior, indulgence in litigation, obstruction in physical & mental growth, lack of confidence in writing/learning, losses in business/profession, problem to mother & younger brother and health problems like respiratory problem, excess of phlegm, chest congestion, gynecological problems in females and disturbed sleep etc.

A strong Sun blesses the person with huge assets, resources, excellent primary/secondary education and complete guidance & support from parents. It also provides name, fame, recognition in profession and society.If it weak in strength/afflicted by malefic planets, in the nativity then it indicates problem to/ from parents, husband, children, obstructions in acquiring education, loss/disputes in properties, assets and domestic peace, delay in marriage, loss of respect, backache, erratic circulation of blood, cardiac problems, weak eyesight and frequent stomach disorders etc.

The good placement and strength of Mars blesses the native with courage, happy marital life, comfortable foreign stays, happiness on account of siblings and excellent executive qualities. However if it is weak in strength/afflicted by malefic planets, the native may experience difficulties in enjoying happy marital life, troubles in foreign stays, losses, addiction/vices, occasional health problems, hospitalisation, coupled with impatient and temperamental approach.

A strong, well placed Mercury blesses with excellent communication skills, inclination towards higher studies, writing abilities, sharp intellect, adequate knowledge, happiness on account of children, gains through speculation etc. However, if Mercury is weak in strength/afflicted by malefic planets, it causes delay in childbirth, disturbances in academic & professional studies, losses through speculation, and weak assessment and analytical powers and emotional setbacks in life from children. In addition to this it might cause intestinal problems, respiratory troubles, cervical pain, neurological disorders, stomach disorders etc.

A strong Venus blesses with financial stability, good health, enjoyment of luxuries and material comforts, happy marital life, success in competitions, knowledge about law, global awareness, knowledge of foreign languages and interest in media, art & sculpture. However, if it is weak in strength/afflicted by malefic planets, in the nativity in that case it causes difference of opinion with spouse, financial instability, and lack of awareness, weak health, skin diseases, renal problems, infertility and ovarian problems in women, weak resistance power and losses in case of disputes or litigation.

If Jupiter is strong in strength in the Birth Chart / Horoscope of Taurians it blesses the person with long lifespan, blissful and long lasting marital tie, adequate inheritance, unearned wealth, unexpected gains, inclination towards spirituality and trouble free life. However, its weak strength/afflicted by malefic planets, causes difficulties in enjoying marital life, lack or loss of inheritance, short/medium life span, humiliation, indecisiveness, shrewdness, immoral activities, selfishness etc. In addition to this the person may suffer from liver disorder, jaundice, flatulence, problem in genitals, piles and dark circles under eyes.

Saturn is the most benefic planet in the Birth Chart / Horoscope of Taurians. Its strong strength makes a person workaholic in analytical technical fields, gives professional opportunities from time to time in contractual type of work and excellent professional skills. However its weak strength/afflicted by malefic planets, might cause short/medium life span, ups and downs in professional career, losses through servants, labour problems etc. In addition to this the person might experience painful diseases especially in joints, glandular problems, flatulence etc.

Rahu is a malefic planet and generates illusions. It does not have a particular house. However, if it is placed in good house and not afflicting any area of the Birth Chart / Horoscope, it promotes good results of that house where it is placed. If Rahu is placed near the midpoint of any house, it deteriorates the significations of all the houses that are under its influence. Simultaneously it gives obstructions, denial, manipulation, indecisiveness, greed, over ambitiousness, addiction, false hopes etc. Apart from this whenever malefic Rahu is in its sign of exaltation and not near the mid point then also it gives good materialistic results.

The malefic planet Ketu also does not have a particular house. Whenever Ketu is placed in good house and not afflicting any area of the Birth Chart / Horoscope, it promotes good results of that house where it is placed. If Ketu is placed near the midpoint of any house, it deteriorates the significations of all the houses, aspected by it. Simultaneously it gives spiritualism, miseries, denial, etc. Besides this whenever malefic Ketu is in its sign of exaltation and not near the mid point it gives good results.

Unfavourable Colours: Dark brown, Steel grey, Burning red, Yellow, Sky blue, Dull coffee colour.

Unfavourable Gems: Gomedh (hessonite),lehsonia (cat's eye), Yellow sapphire, Diamond, Red coral etc.

These Astrological predictions are general in nature according to the ascendant. "Precise and accurate predictions can be only done through your birth chart/horoscope as every birth chart/horoscope is unique and its interpretation needs vast experience of the Astrologer". -- Senior Astrologer Mr. Narinder Juneja.

However if you want to know more particulars of your self or anybody i.e future life, Astrology reports, Solutions and Astral remedies etc., you can refer Astro Services section.

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Authored By Indian Astrologer Mr. Narinder Juneja

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