Celebration of Teachersí Day Festival Is an Honor to the Teachers

Teacher's Day FestivalThe Great Teacher
Teachers are the most respected and admired persons in the society of India. This is because the teacher has a vital role in the molding of the children. Teachers’ day is celebrated on 5th September every year which is the birth date of the great teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He is the role of all teachers in India as he is known for his perfection in the teaching profession. He had established standards in pedagogy and ethical values in the field of teaching. He believed that the teachers should not demand the students for respect but should earn it from them.

Dr. Radha Krishnan is an admirer of education. He was the well known scholar, diplomat and president of India. Dr. Radhakrishnan served as a professor across India in several colleges. He started the career in “Madras Presidency College and later served in many colleges throughout India. He was the celebrated writer and his works differs on theological, philosophical, social, educational, ethical and cultural. He contributed a number of articles to several journals and these works attracted most of the readers as the articles had a deep meaning.

Celebration of Teachers’ Day:
Dr. RadhaKrishnan became the president of India and at that time some of his students preferred to celebrate his birthday as the Teachers’ Day in order to honor him. The celebration of this festival was started in the year 1962. The ancient Buddhism and Hindu culture of honoring the Guru Purnima day has manifested the same values in the celebration of this Teachers’ Day festival. The festival is celebrated in all schools and colleges throughout the country by organizing various cultural and competitions for the teachers and the students. Celebration of this festival is the great honor offered to the teachers.

Cultural and competitions On Teachers’ Day:

On this teachers’ day, holiday is not given for the students and the teachers. The regular classes will not be held. Teachers and students gather together and various sports and matches such as soccer, volley ball and cricket are also conducted between the students and the teachers. Many competitions are organized to the teachers and many teachers participate in the competitions. The prizes are given to the teachers who are winning in the competitions. The students give gifts to their class teachers and show their love and respect over the teachers. On this valuable day, all students realize the worth of the teachers.

The celebration of Teachers’ Day is expected by all teachers and students as it became one of an occasion. During the celebration of this festival, students of colleges and schoos dress themselves as that of their teachers and give many performances on the stage. Students give lectures about the dedication of their teachers towards teaching. Various cultural programs are performed by the students to make the celebration the best one. Though this festival is not the tourism oriented, many tourists visit several big institutes that arrange the public celebrations for the festival. Through this the foreigners can enjoy the tradition of Guru-Shishya.


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