TirupatiTirupati, the abode of the Hindu god Venkateshvara or the Lord of Seven Hills, is the backbone of Andhra Pradesh plgrimage and tourism industry. The world-renowned temple is situated at Tirumala hill, 10 km from Tirupati, at an altitude of 750 m above sea level. The strict rituals followed here are evident from the fact that until late 19th century, non-Hindus were not permitted to ascend the hill itself.

The ancient shrine have blossomed with the generous aids and contributions of the all the kings from great dynasties of the southern peninsula including the Pallavas of Kancheepuram, the Cholas of Thanjavur, the Pandyas of Madurai, and the kings of Vijayanagar empire.

However, the donations multiplied astronomically during the rule of the Vijayanagar dynasty and the legendary king Krishnadevaraya had statues of himself and his consorts installed at the portals of the Tirupati temple.The festivities at the Balaji Temple in Tirupati never end. Some of the prominent rituals followed at this temple are the decoration of the deity. The anointing of the body of the Lord is done by camphor, saffron, and musk.

The followers of the deity offer several offerings to the lord. The offerings range from jewelry to several other valuables like trinkets. To offer hairs in this place is considered as very pious.
People are encouraged to visit Tirumala on the day of Ekadasi in the month of Vaikunta, at which time all pilgrims in the abode of God will be forgiven of all their sins. They also would definitely attain salvation after they die, it is believed

How to reach Tirupati Balaji :
Air : Indian Airlines connects Hyderabad and Tirupati on Wednesday and Friday.
Rail : Train facilities are available to various destinations like Secunderabad / Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Howrah, Varanasi, Kochi, Mumbai, Bellary, Madurai, etc.
Road : Well connected to all the major cities of south India.

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