Vastu Tips For Health And Well being

A proper relationship between Human being and environment is an essential law of Scientific Vastu. Vastu can fruitfully be applied to correct placement of man in such a manner so as to get the maximum benefits of the energy emanated by natural and man-made environment. Here are some vital tips-

1. Being in a room that is constantly lit by such light can cause headaches, eyestrain, loss of energy and nausea.

2. Fluorescent tubes can interfere with vibrations of the human body, causing people to be hyperactive and irritable.

3. Full spectrum lights are very healthy as they resemble the spectral light found in natural daylight, and working under them improves mood and performance.

4. Blue light is soothing and cooling but should not be used for reading.  

5. Green light helps to relax and unwind. It is also a healing light, speeding up the body's own healing mechanism.

6. Orange light is used to combat depression and lift mood. It creates a friendly and a communicative atmosphere.

7. Pink light is useful where a loving and nurturing environment is needed. It also has     muscle-relaxing qualities.

8. Red light is physically warming and emotionally arousing. It keep the person charged up and active.

9. Violet light is used in mental institutions to help people with obsessive behavior patterns and neuroses. It harmonizes mental and emotional state.  

10. Tulsi should be placed in the north to develop fortitude and awareness.

11. Eucalyptus stimulates clear thinking.

12. Bamboo symbolizes longevity, durability and endurance. Grow bamboo on the left side of your house or at the back.

13. Chrysanthemums symbolize purity and honesty.

14. The jade or Chinese money plant attracts abundance and prosperity. It should be small, about 15 cm, and never exceed 3 ft.

15. Keeping hibiscus in the bedroom promotes sexual compatibility.

16. The sunflower helps in creating opportunities and brings in positive energy.

17. The jasmine is considered an aphrodisiac as well as an anti-depressant. It is also said     to bestow divine hope and grace.

18. Prickly plants like cacti and spiky leafed plants like the spider, fern and palm are to be     avoided indoors because they generate negativity.  

19. Bonsai are the most inauspicious for wealth or luck as it symbolizes that stunted growth and energy.

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