Vastu for Office

1.  Avoid offices that are in the dead-end of a street/road.

2. Do not have two parallel sliding doors into the main office space.

3. Do not sit in such a way that your back faces your boss. Either get a small wooden partition to block the view, or change your seat position.

4. Keep round or oval shaped tables in the conference room. This is will promote good understanding between workers and management.

5. Never have your sub-ordinates working at a higher ground level than you. The ground level too should follow the hierarchy for all practical purposes.

6. The office of the key person/head honcho should be in the southwest corner of the office.

7. There should be no toilet door facing your office cubicle/room.

8. Do not place the workstations in such a way that they have to turn around to talk to each other.

9. The Marketing/sales department (which facilitates cash flow into the office) should have lots of open space to move around.

10. There should be lots of light and breeze flowing into the rooms.

11. Keep the entrance of your office free from any obstacle.

12. Money and valuables should be kept in an almirah or safe facing north.

13. If north is blocked it can be cured with the help of regulators.

14. If north of any house is blocked it blocks prosperity.

15. A boring or tube well in south is very harmful for finance.

16. A pit or under ground tank in south is also very harmful for finance. Certain pictures of god goddess and proper placement of mirrors brings financial gains in the house. 

17. Water flowing from north to east is very good. 

18. A water fountain in the north east part of the house or factory is very good. 

19. An aquarium with 9 gold fish and one black fish, in the north east corner of the house or factory is very good. 

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