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CANCERAbout the Sign

One of the striking characteristic of a typical Cancer native is his or her sensitivity, individuality and secretiveness. A Cancer native remains primarily private and hides his or her likes and dislikes from the glares of the world. A Cancer native finds no problem in camouflaging his or her emotions. He/she is extremely emotional. The native also remains nostalgically involved with old memories. During emotionally demanding situations, sometimes, Cancer can act in a fragile and mentally weak manner. He or she may crumble during such situations that demand mental strength and moral stability. However, these people are simply lovable and affectionate! They can be very loving, caring and dedicated towards their family and loved ones. They can be quite dynamic and energetic when in or near to water places. They are quite adjustable and adapt well to ever-changing environment. The Cancer natives also very well protect themselves from any kind of prevailing social dangers.

Career and Finances

As per the astrological and planetary predictions, the year 2018 brings hopeful and interesting promises for career and financial conditions of Cancer natives. Things would be quite promising over the career front in the later part of the year 2018. There will several hitches and glitches that Cancer natives encounter at their work place during early part of the year. But all the mess will gradually melt down as the year will progress ahead. The first half of the year may be just average for career and financial front, as the natives might feel the intense pressure of work. There might be several problems that will be encountered during this time period in the form of strained working relationship within colleagues, earning ire of the bosses or superiors. Such conditions will make the professional relationships strained and full of misunderstandings. The middle part of the year will be extremely wonderful investing and money-making purposes. This will be lucrative and profit generating time for those Cancer natives that pursue the profession of bankers and investors. Other natives can also look forward to promotion and pay hike during middle part of the year.

Family and Relationships

Apart from generic and common family related problems, Cancer natives will otherwise have a peaceful year of 2018. There would be minor and trivial family problems relating to parents-children and spouse. The middle part of the year 2018 might pose some sort of problems to Cancer natives regarding their marital ties. There would be trivial and minor marital tiffs but such discords would ultimately get sorted out during later part ofg the year 2018. But considering the overall scenario of family and relational concept of Cancer natives, there would be excellent and fine camaraderie and association within the relationships. Those in process of finding a matrimonial match for themselves will find their life partners in the middle of the year. The marriage might even get commenced during the end of the year. Once all hitches are sorted over, Cancer people will be more creative, innovative and stable towards their family and relations.


As per the planetary positions and astrological predictions, the year 2018 brings a healthy and a vital time for all Cancer natives. Overall, the year 2018 will be quite pleasing and uneventful on the health front of Cancer sign. The planetary position of year 2018 will bring for natives of Cancer sign fine health and vitality. There might be few and insignificant occasional health problems that will be very minor in nature and not at all troublesome. During mid of the year 2018, some of Cancer natives might experience minor digestive or nervous problems. But overall health scenario of Cancer sign will be smooth.


The yearly horoscope of year 2018 indicates could be a special year, full of travel and outings, for all Cancer people. The hyperactivity and love for water of Cancer natives will make them travel for great happiness and excitement. There would be invigorating traveling spree for Cancer natives near water situates. They would love to swim, sail or boat on holidays. Water would entice them over travel and prove as an added attraction for them. Being not very interested in experimentation and adventures, Cancer natives will visit the usual destination but will new and rejuvenated excitement.

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