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Free Yearly Horoscope / Prediction of for 2016 - Capricorn

CapricornCapricorn –the year is a lucky year for you.
These people might quit their sluggish approach in the forthcoming year and will get ready to achieve their targets. The upcoming year will bring about some positive energy for these people. These people will have an over-romantic love in the year 2016. There are chances for these people to bump into their former partner, which might cause some splits in their current life. In professional life, these people will get the support from their coworkers in all the most important ventures. They might lose some important up-scaling owing to their egoistic nature. These people might confront enormous stress in mid of the year. Only if they can organize things properly they would be in a relaxed mood through out the year. They might get a chance to enjoy a domestic trip with family this year.

Natives might get two opportunities for the growth in the job or business during this year. There will not be immediate gains but shall prove beneficial for creating platform for the growth of the career in future. Natives might get promoted because of the retirement of the senior. But old situation can prevail in case the competitor decides to step back. During early part of the year natives are likely to face ups and downs in the business. The business condition might get worsen due to external factors like labor, machinery or raw material. In jobs, natives are likely to face tensions and in business there will be obstacles. Later part of the year will prove beneficial for the business in terms of an inspiration to expand it at different places. End of the year foresees for some plan for people to get into new partnership.

Natives might plan to repair the inherited property or to make some big change in it for which they shall successfully arrange funds and resources. Natives might plan to buy second hand automobile or electronic tools. In the middle of the month natives are likely to face some tension regarding the responsibility towards parental possessions. Natives shall have to spend money on the repair of some vehicle, machinery or agricultural equipment. There is prospect of the purchasing of house or office in the later part of the year. Their expenditure on the education of some family member might get enhanced. Long term investments can be made with chances of earning good profit in the long term. Short term investments are likely to take a back seat.

Family and Friends
The tension regarding the senior members of the family might get resolved. Some auspicious ceremony like marriage or engagement is likely to take place at the home in the beginning of the year. Anxiety and difference of opinion at the home is indicated and the resolution for it shall come gradually as the year will proceed. There is a possibility that family members might go out for job, education etc. In social area the hidden adversaries might become active. In the beginning of the year the natives might get some social or political post of responsibility. Kids and children will keep the mood of the family and the household happy and jovial.

This year natives are likely to become the victim of diseases concerning the limbs and stomach. Be alert about the health especially in the first half of the year. Be cautious regarding injury and infection in the ear, nose or throat. Natives will also remain sensitive towards allergy from various sources. Throughout the year the health shall remain generally good only and people won't become the victim of any troublesome disease.

In the first half of the year, natives can expect to get their self transferred to a place of their choice. The journeys of early months of this year will be less profitable and less certain. There are strong chances and immense probability of going abroad too for pursuing higher studies. The traveling is going to get such good feeling as if one is top of the world. They are advised to keep that ambitious energy with a business-centered trip. Choose interesting fellow go-getters, combine a seminar or lecture with your business trip.


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