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Free Yearly Horoscope / Prediction of for 2017 - Capricorn

Capricorn The coming year spells a good time, sprinkled with a few personal challenges here and there. There will be an improvement in your finances. New ventures/ initiatives and business strategies can be started. There will be an increase in your social status and there is gain of respect among members of the community. There are also strong chances for your travel abroad. There is one thing that you will have to be cautious about throughout the year. Your will need to be cautious while purchasing land for any purpose. Check the documents thoroughly before signing a deal.

Health & Wellness
Health remains good for most part. Your personality shines and there is a distinct charm that draws people. However, you need to be careful about gaining weight and your cholesterol levels which could cause an uncomfortable situation. You need to be especially carefully in the months of February and March. The elderly individuals could face some serious health problem until April and then September onwards. The good part is that even though there could be a diagnosis suggesting a problem, due to the effect of Jupiter it will be easily remediable. Failing health of elders could be a reason for worry.

Business & Career
The year will be very good for you in terms of professional achievements and will take you to new highs. You will be keen on taking the business to the next level by implementing a new process or technological aid. There will be a definite increase in income. You will be keen on opening up new branches outside your city of residence. You need to be careful in communicating your ideas properly as miscommunication can cause differences with people in authority. If you are contemplating integration of businesses or a takeover, there will be good chances for it this year. Those who are into innovation will be successfully be able to get a patent for it and will be able to capitalize on it too. Loans for business or work will be readily available. There is however indication that some problems related to immovable property will arise. There could be disagreement over a deal, over arrangements regarding ancestral property that have been carried on up till now and possibly regarding terms and conditions in purchase agreements for the same. Put your signature or give your assent only when everything is clear. Short distance travel will be fruitful. May to July is a good time for new investments. Students will however face some difficulty with admissions and furnishing of documents.

Love & Relationships
There are indications of auspicious events happening this year. There could be some problems affecting the children but these will be resolved. Education and marriage of children are the two big issues before you, but you must remember that worrying will not take you anywhere. You should be making positive efforts. There could be house guests staying much longer than house guests usually do but you would be doing fine if you allow this individual to stay. There will be community projects that you will be required to participate in. Do make your contribution to the society that you inhabit; it will beget you a good name. This will not however, deter your rivals who will try to malign your name.

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