Free Yearly Horoscope / Prediction of for 2018 - Capricorn

CAPRICORNAbout the Sign

Most of the somber and serious people belong to Capricorn sign. It is one of the most mature and serious signs amongst other zodiac signs. The natives of Capricorn sign exude maturity and have plenty of life experiences. They are mental stabile and very agile. Some other prominent traits shown by these natives are their independent nature, progressive thinking, confidence, and disciplined lifestyle. They are also patient in times of crises, hard working, practical and careful. Capricorns have a mind of their own and always thinking over purposeful lines. They follow their goals with complete focus and nurture a deep sense of purpose within their personality. They perform wonderfully in whatever they with their hard work working as a back up to them. Capricorns are admired by one and all due to their reliable and trustworthy behavior. But sometimes they can act a little demanding and persuasive. They are always honest to their duties and goals thus achieving them with great ease.

Career and Finances

The year 2018 brings great career success for Capricorn natives. There might be some minor problems that might crop up at workplace but that would get solved on their own. Office politics will make professional life a little bit complicated due to ongoing jealousy and competition between colleagues. Such problems in the career will be seen in the first quarter of the year 2018. For the business scenario, investments may run into trouble and competitors might trouble the Capricorn natives with ulterior motives. Those who pursue business, of any level, must never ever lose patience. The mounting investment will certainly fetch some profits in the long run. The second half of the year 2018 will observe stabilized financial scenario. Overall, the year 2018 will be highly productive and result oriented for business man. Success will be seen at work place as well as on the investment front. All medium and long-term financial will come true in this year. The last segment of the year 2018 may cause problems in business investments.

Family and Relationships

Capricorn natives may witness minor marital or relationship problems on the family front. They will experience occasional tiffs with their spouse or lovers. The cause of these problems will due to various reasons such as ego problems, money matters, work issues etc. If Capricorn natives want to stay clear of these problems then the best way is to be more communicative with the other party. Relations between the children and the parents will be full of love and cordiality. The tail ending months of the year 2018 will be very comfortable and full of love between family members. Natives will enjoy their interactions and outing within their social life. They will have a wonderful time while mingling with friends and colleagues. Overall the year 2018 will be blissful towards family life thus bringing satisfaction and contentment to Capricorn natives.


The planetary positions of the year 2018 indicate towards a positive and a wonderful state of health and state-of-mind for the Capricorn natives. The natives will happily enjoy their vitality. The initial months of the year 2018 will be peaceful and healthy for the natives. Capricorn natives will experience minor health problems related to stomach, chest and eyes during last three months of the year. Just as also the Capricorn natives remain alert towards their health plus the year 2018 will be also upbeat for them.


The basic nature of Capricorn natives always want to spend their holidays and vacations in high, mountainous places. They simply love to enjoy amidst mountains and hills. The year 2018 will bring several chances for Capricorn natives to spend a luxurious and a comfortable holiday amidst mountainous venues. They will enjoy every bit of the outings as they will also get the worth of their money. During travel and holidays, Capricorn natives will also keep healthy and fit due to their love for vitality. There might also be on anvil the visit to ancient forts and palaces.

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