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GeminiAbout the Sign

Gemini, of all zodiac signs, is the most invigorated and exciting sign. This sun sign has its own special and unique characters. The natives of this sign remain extremely active and possess pleasing personality and appearance. They possess outgoing nature and people get attracted to them due to their feature. Gemini people talk endlessly. They can go on and on over any topic under the sun. They captivate people with their charming and intelligent talk. Not just a gift of gab, Gemini natives also have intelligent and innovative mind. They think with great intellect and do not indulge in loose and useless talk. They possess the traits of being extremely imaginative and trustworthy. They successfully interact with people and establish an instant and cordial equation with others. Anyone sitting in the company of a Gemini can never be bored.

Career and Finances

The beginning of the year 2018 will bring several unexpected problems for Gemini natives regarding their career and financial status. There would be minor and short-term problems in the field of work and at workplace but they would be certainly manageable. . Gemini natives might worry or ponder about the stability of their current occupation or career promotion during the first three months of the year. There might be instances where your professional colleagues will overtake you in some sensitive career related moves. Don’t expect career promotion and pay hike during the early part of the year. May be later you will achieve what you aspire. There would be positive changes in your financial condition in the last leg of the year 2018. Second half of the year will also make your career get success as per your expectations. The later part of the year 2018 will be wonderfully satisfactory in terms of finances. The astrological predictions also indicate career promotion and windfall of finances.

Family and Relationships

Gemini natives might encounter some sort of marital and relationship problems in the year 2018. There would be stiff tensions and discord in relationship during early part of the year. They would face several problems in finding solutions to handle their problems related to marriage and family. There will be very often fight-talk with the spouse that may lead to problems in the relationship. But situation will take an improving turn in the second half of the year. The later months of the year 2018 will bring ample opportunities when Gemini natives will make up with their loved ones. The relationship between parents and children will also pose slight upheavals. This year the one prime task that would be diligently undertaken by Gemini natives would be of mending and repairing of strained or troubled relationships. Those who are seeking the right time to marry their beloveds will be able to do so during the later months of the year


The year 2018, will generally, bring good health and comprehensive well being for all Gemini natives. There might some odd instances of minor ailments and health related difficulties but over all the health conditions would remain satisfactory. There would be trivial health issues that would be trouble Gemini natives. These health issues would be related to stomach, nervous systems and digestive canals. The year 2018 would not bring major health concerns. But this does not imply that Gemini natives should not pay any attention over health matters. Overall attention should be paid by Gemini people thus to ensure that they do not suffer from any negligence concerning their health and overall vitality..


Since Gemini natives love to travel a lot, they would get abundant chances for this during the year 2018. They will often pack their bags and go on a holiday spree with their friends or relatives. They would enjoy to the maximum as this is what they love to do…always. Since the ruling planet of the year 2018 favors constant interaction and social stimulation, astrological predictions indicate great travel chances and outing sprees for Gemini natives. Since the basic nature of Gemini natives always love to be on move, they would jump to chances to go on exciting holidays and package tour. Every travel and outing will make Gemini natives bubble with charm and excitem.

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