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LeoAbout the Sign

Leo native is like a lion who is the king of the forest. He or she moves as he is on survey of the entire vicinity. A Leo possesses an aristocratic outlook and a royal stance. This sign is the most demanding and dominating of all the zodiac signs. There is a unique kind of imposing presence of the Leo natives. The people belonging to Leo sign are the most expressive, creative and of out going nature. Their way of working and mode of expression is always inventive. A conventional Leo native is very attractive in appearance, imposing in attitude and charismatic in demeanor. Apart from all these traits, Leo natives are also very kind and humane as well. They face any sort of unexpected trouble or problem with great courage. They also do very well in their career and profession and earn quite a handsome income. If a Leo has a Leo spouse only then both could experience serious marital problems due to lack of understanding between spouses.

Career and Finances

The initial months of the year 2018 is very promising and upbeat for the career and finances of Leo natives. The results are going to be more profitable especially if they have their own business ventures. Leo natives will enjoy being at their work place environment every morning. There are wonderful chances of better career options, steep pay hikes and pending promotions to materialize this year. Financial position would be encouraging and full of profit in the middle part of the year. Leo businessmen or business women can plan to invest in lucrative business ventures thus to earn decent profits. The Leo 2018 yearly horoscope indicates strong financial position throughout the year of 2018. People aspiring lucrative and better jobs will get what they are seeking. Change of workplace is also on anvil during later months of the year for those who are trying for that. Workplace relationship and interaction with superior will be smooth throughout the year. The year 2018 will be wonderfully lucrative for Leo natives in field of sales, marketing, medical, finances and self-employed professionals.

Family and Relationships

This year of 2018 might pose certain problems for Leo natives regarding their marital life. There is probability of occurrence of a series of problems and discords in the marital relationship. This will cause further problems in the life of children of Leo natives. The word of advice for Leo natives is to be careful in handling their personal relations with their life partners. The later part of the year 2018 will bring delicate discords in the families of Leo natives. If such situations are handled with composed mind, Leo natives can solve such problems in their marriage. By the end of the year 2018, there will be marked improvement in the personal relationships of Leo natives. Leo people must be deft in handling such critical situations to bring stability in their family and relationship.


The Leo natives will encounter minor nagging troubles regarding their health issues. They will experience recurring minor ailments such as headache, cough, cold, fever etc which will be irritating to the natives but not serious in nature. Some may also suffer from other common health ailments that could pertain to digestive systems, nervous system and circulatory system. Some Leo natives would feel tired, lethargic and weak. Those who have been encountering some of the health issues will find relief and respite from their diseases. Generally speaking, the year 2018 brings safe health scenario for Leo sign natives. They would be able to lead a healthy life full of vitality and contentment


In inborn and innate nature of a true Leo native loves to stay out for a picnic or a holiday. They love to enjoy their holidays and outings in a truly majestic and royal style. This year of 2018, many Leo natives will indulge in a pampered and royal kind of vacationing. There would be no sporty activities like trekking or cycling but a truly pampered or cosseted holiday. Leo natives will not at all worry about budgeting or spending money over their holidays. They would dig deep inside their pockets to get that heavenly experience during their travel. Leo natives are most likely to travel towards eastern direction during this year. Those Leo natives who are still studying might be taking travel to pursue their higher studies..

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