Free Yearly Horoscope / Prediction of for 2018 - Libra

LibraAbout the Sign

The sign of Libra conveys fertility and harvesting. This sign is quite different and unique by all aspects. The Libra natives possess a composed mind and balanced life. They remain almost calm and relaxed as compared to other natives. In every circumstance they stay well mannered and highly cultured in their behavior. They are usually very intelligent and smart. Librans exude a sense of superior civility in their every action and demeanor. They are charming, harmonious and balanced in life. They are always kind and cordial to other people. Their affinity to peace and prosperity is evident in every situation of life and comes naturally to them.

Career and Finances

The Year 2018 brings for Librans very stabilized period of career and financial instructions. Due to planetary positions of year 2018, there would be relaxation and normalcy within these two aspects of Libran natives. There might be few hiccups regarding career related aspects and finances in the first half of the year. But very soon this situation will improve. The year 2018 will certainly prove out to be very good for all Librans concerning their stable job and income. It is probable that some Librans might alter their work-place by the end of the year. This change will do them good and bring favor to them for their future financial actions. Librans can effectively invest in stock market or financial transactions during later months of the year. They stand to make lot of profits during these months. Career promotion and pay hikes are also very likely to make Librans happy this year.

Family and Relationships

The initial months of the year 2018 may not be too promising for family and relationships of Librans. They might experience few problems due to lack of communication between spouses. The first three months of the year 2018 will see many Libran spouses fighting with each other over trivial matters. This may cause certain problems in the basic relationship course of the natives. But as the year will proceed on, the marital aspect of the Libran natives will smoothen down gradually. Once the marital relationships are peaceful, all other pending problems will also get sorted out. Relations of Libran natives with their family and friends will be promising in the second and third quarter of the year 2018. Libra children will love and obey their parents throughout the year.


The year 2018 brings bright and cheerful promises for the health regimen of the Libran natives. This year is certainly favorable towards Librans' domain of health. There would be conditions of fine health and wonderful vitality for all Librans. They would often spend their leisure and free time by relaxing and by enjoying the goodness of life to the maximum. Baring minor ailments such as headache, bout of fever, cold, cough and flu, the year 2018 will basically remain hassle free for the health concerns of Librans. There might be some health problems related to circulatory system that will crop up in the later part of the years.


Libras, true to their sophisticated style and demeanor, spend their every moment of holidays and vacations with great elegance and classiness. This year of 2018 will bring several vacationing instances for the Libran natives that will ooze with glamour and luxury for them. They would not indulge in camping holidays, as they are not of their taste, but would rather spend their holiday in a spa resort. This year their holiday journeys will be short and comfortable. Librans will never take a tiresome trip because their idea of vacationing is stylish luggage, elegant clothes, comfortable boarding and royal buffet.

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