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Free Yearly Horoscope / Prediction of for 2017 - Scorpio

Scorpio The coming year spells quite a bit of improvement in all sectors of life. There will be increased mental focus, clarity and solutions will be forthcoming to your problems. The long standing medical problems will be sorted out. However, the transit of Saturn is such that it will make you feel claustrophobic. There could be desperation within, to do something but you will have to hold out till the month of September. Marriage and birth of a child are possible.

Health & Wellness
Health is one sector that is likely to register major improvement this year. There will be a building up strength and stamina. There will also be an increase in your charm and charisma. The improvement will help you in performing better at work. You should take care in the month of January though as obesity and related problems could surface. There could be some fluctuation in blood sugar levels also. Make sure that you monitor your health closely and keep things firmly under control. There could be problem elated to anemia and intestinal weakness. There could also be pain in the back and shoulders. You need to make sure that you practice some kind of alternative healing technique to keep your mental and physical health in shape.

Business & Career
This year is favorable for starting your own enterprise. There will be inclination on your part to start a venture or setting up an agency that will take up quite a bit of investment but on the whole it will be successful. There could be some problems arising in the first half of the year but an experiences or resourceful person will be able to bail you out of trouble. There will be phenomenal progress in the business/ work sphere after the month of September. If you are employed in some services then there could be promotion or increase in perks for you. You will be able to establish your name in your field. There will be appreciation for good work & for making a success out of an old work or taking a risky but enterprising initiative in a new venture. If you wish to start up a partnership, you should be engaging in short term agreements only. The year is really good for giving shape to your secret plans/ ambitions. You need to focus on sharpening your time management skills. You could also undergo some kind of skill or technical course. There could be some policy changes during the year that help in furthering your interests. The business that has not been doing well will also start showing improvement. There could be some monetary gain through someone else relinquishing their share. Students could be awarded a scholarship or a grant but this will happen only after the month of September.

Love & Relationships
There could be some auspicious event happening in between the months of May and July and then in November and December. There could be expenditure for good reasons during this phase --- marriage ceremonies, childbirth etc. There could be trouble for the male sibling in the month of February. You will need to be very careful regarding interpersonal relationships especially your marriage in the month of July, August and October. There will be health problems for the elderly members of the family this year and this may cause anguish to you. Things will definitely improve on all fronts following the month of September. There will be elevation of status and you could be bestowed with a post of prestige.

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