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ScorpioAbout the Sign

If we talk about Scorpio, the animal, it is a convincing creature. So is the same with natives that are born under the sun sign of Scorpio. These are the most secretive natives of all. The basic traits of people born under this sun sign are - passionate, secretive, magnetic, thoughtful and demanding. They stand apart from the usual crowd of people due to their unique qualities of dedication and focused mind. They impart close attention to every nuance and detail. Their ambitious nature can get them what ever they want. It is proven that many Scorpio natives are the undeniable conquerors in diverse fields. They work towards their goals with clear focus. But they have few negative traits also in them. They can be sometimes vindictive and jealous. They lose their patience if they find that something is brewing against their benefits. They must check in such negative tendencies to stay clean and clear of any negativity.

Career and Finances

This year of 2018 will fulfill the long cherished desires of pay hikes and promotions for the Scorpio natives. The year my not bring the them the desired level of progression in the field of their career and finances, but still the Scorpio natives will not be very disappointed by the overall scenario. There would b certain changes in the work place that will prove out to be very beneficial over the longer period of time. The early months of the year 2018 may bring slight disappointments and a low key. The planetary positions of the career and finances related aspects of the Scorpios for the year 2018 show that these two zones will experience a dramatic shift during the middle months of the year. This is the time when the Scorpios will get some major success and landmarks of their life in the garb of promotions or hikes. The later part of the year will bring positive financial incentives for the natives. All these financial positivistic approach will generate unlimited energy in the minds and attitudes of Scorpion natives.

Family and Relationships

Just as the year 2018 brings great positive approach for career and finances of the Scorpion natives, there would be great time for family life also in the first half of the year 2018. The relationship between the partners will be wonderful. Children will also thing in tandem with their parents and obey them without any fuss. Social life will be upbeat and scintillating for Scorpios. The second half of the year may bring certain problems for Scorpios as there might be few minor marital discords due to lack of communication. A clear cut and mutual communication must be maintained to avoid any major marital discord.


The year 2018 will bring certain trivial negative report about the health issues of all Scorpios. The Scorpio natives will be prone to certain minor health complications and ailments such as flu, cough, cold, headache etc. Some Scorpions might also face certain troubles with their digestive system. These disorders may trouble them during the last three months of the year. The planetary positions of year 2018 for Scorpio's health horoscope indicate that the early part of the year will be good for all the Scorpio natives. They will certainly enjoy the best of their health.


Since Scorpions love to holiday, they will simply love this year of 2018. There would be ample chances for them this year to travel to simply exotic places. The holidays will be endearing for them and they will enjoy every moment of their holidays along with their family and the loved ones. Visiting will not just be visiting for the Scorpios, but rather explorations. Scorpion natives will bear all the odds, like that of weather and climatic conditions to get the optimum of the joys of traveling this year.

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